BP and PL


Nepali Congress’ founding leader B.P. Koirala was remembered by the NC leaders on his 38th death anniversary on 21 July. Accordingly, Pushpalal, founding general secretary of the Nepal Communist Party was remembered by different communist parties on his 42nd death anniversary on 22 July.
So far, academicians and intellectuals have commented that democrats have remembered B.P. Koirala by forgetting the B.P. thought of “patriotism, democracy and socialism”. Not to forget, B.P. had defined democracy with the monarchy!

Likewise, they have remarked, Comrades have remembered Pushpalal by forgetting the Communist ideology adopted by Pushpalal!

Born on Bhadra 24, 1971 BS in Benaras, Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala, popularly known as B.P. Koirala was an extraordinary and a beloved leader of Nepal who actively participated in the freedom movement in the country. He is also one of the many popular Prime Ministers of Nepal. He was popular as Bisheshwar Prasad Koirala in the field of literature, B.P. Koirala in politics and Sanubabu or Sandaju among his friends and family.

He was not only a famous politician but also a famous literary figure. Talking about his contributions and career in literature, he first published his story in Hindi language in ‘Hansa’ magazine in 1987 BS and his first Nepali story to be published was ‘Chandrabadan‘ in 1992 BS in Sarada magazine. He was the first person to introduce new element – human psychology – in Nepali literature. His literary works include story collection like Doshi Chasma, novels like Tin Ghumti, Narendra Dai, Hitler ra Yahudi, Sumnima, Babu-Aama ra Chora, Modiaain, and his auto–biography Afnu Katha.

Nepal lost such a great politician and leader in the year 2039 BS. He was the best example of nation and people loving honest and dedicated leader whose death shook the whole nation and the present political condition of the country demands the need of a true leader like B.P. Koirala.

The 40th memorial day of the founder general secretary of the Communist Party of Nepal, Pushpa Lal Shrestha, is remembering across the country. The communist party was formed under his leadership in 2006 BS in Nepal. The ruling Communist Party of Nepal (CPN) has moved ahead by assimilating the principles of leader Shrestha and it has helped the party to be competitive, progressive and anti feudalistic during 70 years of communist party’s establishment.

He also translated the Communist Manifesto in Nepali and published it in 2005 BS. He died on July 22, 1978 at now Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research in India.

Shrestha was the first leader to propose a ‘joint people’s movement agenda’ against the autocratic Panchayati rule in 2025 B.S. It was eventually adopted to bring down the Panchayati regime in 1990.

Along with an efficient and able politician, Pushpa Lal was also well versed in history, sociology and anthropology. He is also credited to have reorganized the Nepal Communist Party during his underground life following the 2017 coup, while continuing to justify the need and rationale of a joint people’s movement.

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