Failure of Province 2 government


The government of Province 2 badly failed to control Covid-19. The increasing cases of COVID-19 and deaths are a testimony to this bitter reality.
Although Chief Minister Lalbabu Raut has not admitted the failure of the government in its fight against the coronavirus, cases have been increasing every other day.

Poor monitoring of the Nepal-India border is blamed for the rising cases in Province 2. s. It is evident from the fact that 60% of the infected persons found in Province 2.

Although the municipalities have been urging the government to shut down the entry points, the government has not been ready to do that as it has given more priority to the economy than the life of people.

Actually, the government has been neglecting the risks of COVID-19. However, the cases have declined with the reduction in tests. Experts said that the government was playing with people’s life by reducing the tests in recent days. The province government has already allowed the operation of businesses and public transportation, with the increasing mobility of the people, cases are sure to surge. But the government seems less serious about this fact.

Not only the government has limited testing of COVID-19, anyone who suspects to have infected with the virus has to undergo ordeals to tests.
Instead of working honestly and strictly to prevent the COVID-19 spread, the government resorted to corruption as many powerful in government took the crisis as an opportunity to make money. The anti-COVID-19 drive marred by corruption right from the beginning also suffered mismanagement of the quarantines, many of which turned into death traps. These were the poorly managed crowded quarantines from where the virus spread rapidly.

The claim of the government that Covid-19 was under control was just an illusion. By the last week of July, there were signs that coronavirus was spreading at the community level in Birgunj. Not only did the number of infected people increase every day, but the number of deaths also increased.
However, public health experts stress understanding that the spread is under control can only cause problems.

There is enough chance that the numbers of infected cases and deaths will continue to rise. If we can’t save the chronically ill and the elderly people, the death tally can rise further. Strict adherence to public health standards will only stop the spread of infection.

The spread was under control in the initial phase as people coming from India were quarantined. After the message that the modality of lockdown was loosened was given to the public, the flow of people increased, which has now led to more infections.

The increasing rate of infection and death has shown signs of increasing the risk. The upcoming days can be more challenging for us. Recent deaths have added to concerns that the infection could be as bad as in other countries.

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