Five years of constitution


Five years has passed since the promulgation of Constitution of Nepal 2015, nothing has changed and no political leaders have shown complete thrust on it. Politicians have been using the constitution to grab the power and interpretations make to suit their own interest. Although it has already amended twice, the constitution is yet accepted by all. A violent rebel against the constitution has already started by a faction of Maoist. and other ethinic groups.

When president Dr. Ram Baran Yadav promulgated the new constitution from Birendra International Convention Center (BICC) five years ago defying suggestion of Nepal’s neighbor, there was joy and happiness inside the hall, where the constitution received a thunderous welcome. The next hour all the students loyal to the three ruling parties celebrated the promulgation of constitution as an historic and life-time achievement.

Political leaders of the three big parties, civil society leaders affiliated with them and students and young political forces showed up in streets with flags and candles. Similarly, business communities welcomed it as an opportunity for an all-round economic development.

Promulgated defying all constitutional norms and law, many people regards the document is merely a piece of paper. Although parties opppositng the constitution join in the main stream, there are disenchantment in the Southern Nepal where more than 60 people died in the protest against the constitution. People are yet to heal their wound.

Nepal has promulgated seven constitutions in the past 68 years, this is the first constitution which faced the strong challenges from the hour of promulgation. Nepal has experimented with Nepal Constitutional Act, 1948, Interim Constitution of Nepal 1951, Constitution of Kingdom of Nepal 1959, Constitution of Nepal 1962, Constitution of Nepal 1990, Interim Constitution of Nepal 2007 and Constitution of Nepal 2015.

This time also, similar forces have appeared to threaten the longevity of the constitution. Instead of warm welcome or candle light, the constitution was put in fire on the same evening with blackout in half of the country. This has indicated that the new constitution is likely to face a number of challenges in its implementation.

Along with Madhesis, Tharus and disgruntled Janajatis, Dalits and Hindu religious groups are opposing the constitution. And the opposition is gradually increasing expanding as the groups join hands with one another to press the rulers in Kathmandu.

The challenge for the constitution now is to accommodate the left out and disgruntled people, giving them space. Other challenges for the new constitution are to erase the divisions between hills and Terai on the constitution. With disrespect in the process and promulgation of constitution in Terai, there was celebration in capital Kathmandu and many hill cities.

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया