Half year of Province 2 government


The government, in which she is representing, is certainly not good to comment on the government, but her comment has exposed the image of the state government. Actually 6 months have passed since the provincial government has started working. However, in this regard, there is no meaningful work except exposing complains of the people. The readymade answers are found from the ministers -there is no place to sit, no laws to work, no staffs, lack of resources. How to work?

The main responsibility for managing those challenges is also Chief Minister and the ministers. As a burden to the beginning of the fatal crisis, the Chief Ministers of the province has forgotten their constitutional responsibility and duty. The state government has a leadership role in resolving the problems faced by the state government. Because there are 21 single rights given to the state government in Schedule-6 of the constitution and those who are not giving the list of problems to the Chief Minister and the Ministers of the State, do not give a freedom to come to Kathmandu, but they strive to sit down in the capital of the state. Similarly, the necessary laws for the state and local level are to be made by the state government and the state parliament. This is evident, the work and right of the state government is not less as the federal government is the same. However, although there is a lot of work and authority to do so, the work of the provincial government is very dull. This cannot change the mind of public.

Even though the state government does not have a 6-month early tenure, the engagement of Chief Minister and Ministers is dramatic. The daily schedule of Chief Ministers, Ministers and State Ministers spent in the program inauguration, speech and meetings. The Chief Minister and ministers are not sitting in the office to lay the foundation of the government and to stand in it.

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया