Happy Dashain (Editorial)


All the Nepalis within the country or abroad are now in a festive mood as their greatest festival, Dasain has already started. According to the Hindu mythology, Goddess Durga had eliminated all the evil forces ensuring victory of truth. Celebration of Bada Dasain festival is thus based on people’s aspiration for the end of evil and victory of truth. 

Presently, the nation has been suffering from evil people – severely suffering from mal-governance, corruption, nepotism, favoritism, sycophancy, among others. The political leaders who are running the nation have become stooges of foreign powers. 

We have adopted such a vague constitution that it will not help in bringing stability, prosperity, unity for the nation. So far, even after completing constitution implementation course, there are many faults in the constitution, which may further extend the decade long ongoing transitional phase.
May Goddess Durga bless the political leaders with positive minds by evacuating their ill-intention. May Goddess Durga bless all the Nepalis for positivity, good health, happiness, peace and prosperity and protect this heavenly country from the evils. 

On Bijaya Dashain, it is the old and yet living story of Rama’s victory over Ravana that we go back to. It is, in equal measure, the powerful legend of Durga’s defeat of Mahisha that is recalled-and for reasons that are as valid today as they were centuries ago. Every faith is a call to nobility, to the idea that a shaping of character to the highest degree of morality and ethics ought to be the goal of humanity. And yet there are the many and difficult tests that humankind is constantly put to as men and women confront the forces of evil in their diverse manifestations. It is through ceaseless struggle against overwhelming odds that humankind triumphs against the forces of darkness and by doing so inaugurates a new, happy phase in the pursuit of life, underpinned as it is by faith. 

The end of the Puja is thus the beginning of a new journey, not only in the sense of physical reality but also in dimensions of the spiritual. It is a truth symbolised by the immersion of Goddess Durga in the river, a clear sign of the end of the old struggle, a patent indication of how the shadows of darkness may be put to flight by a strenuous striving for justice waged by the forces of good. Happy Dashain!

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया