NCP dispute: For power sharing or ideological


The ongoing dispute in the ruling Nepal Communist Party is just for sharing power by toppling KP Sharma Oli, it is not a dispute based on political ideology.

Madhav Nepal has wished to become the prime minister, whereas, Pushpakamal Dahal has wished to become sole party chairman. Bamdev Gautam is also the candidate to the post of the prime minister, in the meantime, JN Khanal has dreamed of becoming the President by ousting Bidya Devi Bhandari. In this way, the anti-Oli front has been witnessed in the ruling party.

Prime Minister and party chairman KP Sharma Oli is complaining that Madhav Nepal was never supportive towards Oli, he always created obstacle against Oli.

Therefore, Oli has reached to the conclusion that if party co-chairman Pushpakamal Dahal and Nepal jointly move forward to topple down him from the party and the government, he is ready to see split in the party, however, he is not going to take the responsibility on the blame for splitting the party.
It is believed that after his gesture, the NCP UML party has been registered in the Election Commission for its recognition.
Many second-generation leaders have expressed worry on a possible split of the party. They say that the nation wanted a stable government, therefore, the nation gave virtually a two-thirds mandate to the unified party. If the party will split, there will be no future of the communists in the country, they believe.

The anti-Oli camp has demanded Oli’s resignation from the posts of the PM and party chairman. This is the demand aimed at finishing Oli’s political career in the party. Oli is not going to surrender against his rivals on such a demand. He has made clear that he is ready to hand over party chairmanship to the elected party chairman from the unity national convention and the PM’s post to the candidate elected from the parliament. He has said to his opponents in the party, “Be elected from the party to get the party chairman’s post and wait till the next general elections to get the PM’s post!”
The provision is that the party central committee meeting cannot be held without the consent of the chairmen duo. The party standing committee cannot decide on the PM’s future.

Furthermore, during the unification between the former UML and Maoist Center, an agreement was endorsed. One point in the agreement states that the two chairmen can take a joint decision to manage the party from any possible problem. This provision has given all authorities to the two chairmen at the party. There is no role of any third person in the party. Therefore, the unification agreement has not recognized Nepal or any other else in the party.
Dahal and Nepal cannot walk together for a long journey as both have wished to become the elected party chairman from the unification national convention of the CPN. Nepal, being a senior leader in the NCP, is a strong candidate if Oli, Dahal and Nepal stand separately. However, if Oli and Dahal will develop alliance, in that situation, Nepal will become weak. Therefore, Dahal has no other option except for joining hands with Oli to become the elected party chairman. In the meantime, flexibility, indecision and instability demonstrated by Dahal have annoyed those members in the Oli camp, which has made Dahal’s political future uncertain. Those in Oli camp have started to say that it has become difficult to trust on Dahal even if Oli and Daha develop an alliance. They may become closed to Nepal instead of accepting Dahal’s leadership in the party.

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