New Year and new promises


The New Year in Nepal starts on Baishakh. Baishak is the first month of Bikram Sambat Calendar. Bikram Sambat is the official calendar of Nepal. Nepal celebrates nine different new years in different times of year.

Nepal has more than 60 ethnic groups with their own unique culture and most of them have their own language. In other words Nepal is a live example of unity in diversity. People of different cast and culture live in Nepal.
We all have our own New Year and we celebrate 9 different new years. We celebrate each of them with same zeal and enthusiasm. However, Baishakh 1st is regarded as national New Year, the country’s official calendar year starts this day.

Also called ‘Mesh Sankranti’ or ‘Baisakh Sankranti’, today the Sun enters into the Aries from the Pisces. The first day of the Year 2076, this is the day for everyone to plan for future with firm determination by evaluating the success and failures of the past.

Panchanga based on traditional Hindu and Vedic astrological tabulation forecasts celestial phenomena such as solar eclipses. The Bikram Sambat is 57 years 8 month and 15 days ahead of the Gregorian Calendar.
As per the mythology, Bikram Sambat is believed to have been started by King Bikramaditya.

The New Year begins as an empty slate with nothing but a sense of incalculable possibilities and hope.

But the year will soon be filled with activities, promises and commitments, pleasures and disappointments, work, play, friends and family members. We predict it will be a busy one.

Most people these days seem to eschew New Year’s resolutions, having found them either impossible to keep or a trivial idea in the first place. Aren’t we always trying to do better?

But there’s something about the New Year that can be inspirational. It’s the quintessential time to make necessary and beneficial changes. A new calendar can be just as powerful a motivating force as a new job, a new relationship, a new home.

The New Year will bring changes, as every year does. And though changes can be challenging and uncomfortable, they’re a necessary part of life. It’s best to face them head on rather than cling to the comforts of past memories.
We hope the country would achieve solutions of all problems through consensus, co-operation and unity. The New Year would inspire all to take the country towards economic prosperity by maintaining institutional stability of the Federal Democratic Republic system.

The strong foundation for the Federal Democratic Republic system was created through the three tier elections.

There is the need to strengthening social harmony and unity, establishing peace in rural, urban areas, consolidating democracy and achieving development, unity, peace and prosperity.

A new beginning is valuable. We hope its promise will last long into the year. The Journal editorial board thanks its readers, its letter writers, its friends and its critics. We hope to hear from all of you and we wish the best for you and your loved ones in 2076.

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