One year of federal government


After fifteen days the elected left government will complete its first year in the office. During this period this government has succeeded in negotiation a turbulent course of transition grappling with both expected and unexpected challenges. Despite being held back by many obstacles, the left government can now boast of an impressive list of performances helping it inch towards its goal of attaining stability and leading the Nepali people onto the path of prosperity.

After coming to power through an unprecedented electoral mandate, the left government has accomplished some very important tasks having direct bearing on the democratic good governance in the country. Immediately after taking the rein of the state, the KP Oli government took sweeping steps to accomplish the implementation of the Constitution of Nepal 2015. The Oli government took epoch making initiative towards institutionalising federal republican system of government by forming the central, provincial, municipal and village level structures, paving the way to federal decentralisation of power. This achievement shattered the dreams of the revivalist forces for staging a comeback by taking advantage of chaotic transition to democratisation.

After consolidating newly gained political turf, the elected left government proceeded towards strengthening bilateral relation with its immediate neighbours in the north and the south. Prime Minister KP Oli visited New Delhi at the invitation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and succeeded in clearing the haze of misunderstanding hanging on from the time of the blockade. Because of his frank and well-articulated position on various controversial issues, Oli managed to win diplomatic trust from and enlist support of the Indian government in the development endeavours of Nepal.

In the same vein, Prime Minister KP Oli also visited China after his visit to India and succeeded to win China’s good will and open-hearted assistance for Nepal’s infrastructural development in the field of transport, communications and tourism. The present government has also made substantial progress in post-earthquake reconstruction campaign. It has completed restoration of a number of important heritage sites and many more are nearing completion. The present government has started the construction of Kathmandu Tower at the old Bus Park, foundation has been laid for the construction of the historic Dharahara and considerable achievement has also been made in controlling the dust and smog pollution in the streets of Kathmandu.

The above mentioned initiatives are irrefutable achievements of the left government which show that Nepal is irreversibly on the track of stability and prosperity though it is facing some obstructions partly because of inexperience and partly because of anti-people elements’ deliberate attempt to put spokes on the wheel of the left government. In overall sense, the elected left government has been proved more effective in mobilising development efforts than its predecessor governments were.

However, it appears relatively weak in resolving contradictions with its critics and competitors. At a time when the people of Kathmandu were expecting their water taps coming alive with drinking water from Melamchi, they were betrayed by the Italian contractor of the project Cooperativa Muratori Cementisti (CMC) without so much of an inkling of brewing differences within the project. This has greatly damaged the rating of the government efficiency in handling competing interests that are involved in operating mega development projects.

The voice of action is always louder than empty rhetoric. The elected left government needs to unswervingly put its mind and effort in prioritising strategic projects and implementing them at all costs. This will strengthen the foothold of the popular government and help take development dividends down to the grassroots population in the years to come.

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया