Province 2 policy & program


The provincial executive in Province 2 presented policies and program for the remaining three months of fiscal year 2017/18. The government has prioritised the use of local resources and develop infrastructure.

Governor of Province 2 Rataneshwar Lal Kayastha presented the policies and programmes at the assembly meeting in Janakpur. The 60-point policies and programmes have accorded high priority to the agriculture, road and health sectors. The government included various programmes on irrigation and providing training on using fertilizer, insecticide, improved seeds. It also plans to set up dairy industry, food processing industry and fishery. The provincial government’s policy says it would work together with the federal government for the construction of Koshi and Kamala diversion irrigation projects.

The government in Province 2 further plans to take initiatives to revive the sick industries like Birgunj Sugar Mill, Janakpur Cigarette Factory, Agricultural Tools Factory, among others. Its policy is aimed at creating a conducive environment for investment by controlling extortions and strikes in the province.

The policies and programmes of Province 2 also focus on education to girl child, control foetus killing, safe motherhood among others, with the government’s assurance of necessary laws and regulations for the purpose.

In its policies and programmes, the Province 2 government has laid out plans to provide training on the use of various tools and machines in the agriculture sector through Sarlahi-based Agriculture Tools Test and Research Centre.

Similarly, the Province 2 government proposed to develop districts including Saptari, Siraha, Mahottari, Sarlahi and Dhanusha districts as ‘mango super zone’. It also plans to declare area from Lalbandi to Bagmati of Sarlahi as ‘tomato super zone’. It has prioritised industrial development and promotion of religious tourism.

The policy and programs of Province 2 government was just an imitation of the federal government’s policy and programs. The policy and programs unveiled on Saturday for the fiscal year 2018/19 just like a paper of the story. The policy and programs document is not serious and lacks plans adding that the policy and programs has failed to grasp the geography. There is no mechanism to implement the policy and programs but the dreams have been offered. There was no structure to collect the revenue meant for making the province government’s economy strong.

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया