The third Constitution Day and Madhesh


Almost all the democratic countries of the world have a history of struggle for achieving constitutional rights and freedom through a prolonged struggle. Nepal also had to achieve a democratic constitution after an unremitting struggle for over half a century.

Now, the ship of the Nepali nation has reached the home stretch by successfully negotiating a rough stretch marked by stormy waves and hidden shoals. The credit for this goes to the able captainship of our prime minister KP Oli who has been leading the country to stability, rule of law and prosperous future. On this day, all the Nepali people should stand united and pledge not to allow anyone to tarnish the sanctity and sacredness of the constitution through the acts of betrayal and treachery.

Madhesi parties won a comfortable majority in Province 2 and a good number of seats in the Parliament not because they were popular but because they led the Madhesi movement demanding amendment to the constitution. Madhesi voters have given the message that they want the constitution amended and that they are with Madhesi parties that protested discriminatory provisions in the constitution.

Some in Kathmandu dismissed Madhesis’ grievances as championing a borrowed agenda. They said Madhesi people were not in favour of protest and demands.  Now they must respect the mandate of Madhesi people and address their genuine grievances. The political stability and socio-economic progress could be achieved only when genuine demands of Madhesis and Tharus were addressed.


Published Date : 24 September, 2018 Monday. 

तपाईको प्रतिक्रिया