Visit Nepal and economy


The much-awaited Visit Nepal 2020 campaign already started with the aim of creating a buzz about the country’s tourism sector across the world.
The third of its type tourism campaign, held after 2011, primarily intends to glorify Nepal as a tourism hub, especially among visiting international tourists.
To make the VN 2020 (VNY 2020) campaign successful, the government has introduced new destinations, organised national and international sales missions and appointed brand ambassadors for the event while the private sector has offered discount packages for the year-long campaign.
Although the VN 2020 promotion has created quite a buzz within the country, the government is yet to put in the required effort to promote the campaign in the international market. The year 2020 alone is not enough for the development we want in tourism sector. Tourism decade will be celebrated to bring about a massive change in the tourism industry.
With the beginning of the year 2020, the ambitious Visit Nepal Year 2020 campaign has begun with much fanfare in the country. The government has given much importance to the national tourism campaign, whose basic objective is to attract as many as two million tourists from all over the world. The government has also decided to observe the 2021-2030 decade as a tourism decade to give further impetus to the tourism industry.
This is not the first time that the country has embarked upon a mega tourism event. In 1998 and 2011, the country launched similar campaigns in order to boost the tourism industry but in both cases the country failed to achieve the intended outcomes. The country then sought to launch another campaign in 2018 but it had to be postponed for lack of preparations.
The target of attracting two million tourists seems to be ambitious given that only 1.173 tourists visited the country in 2018 and it is surmised that 1.2 million tourists visited the country last year. So increasing the inflow tourists by 0.8 million vis-à-vis last year seems to be a difficult proposition but it is not impossible if sincere efforts are made by all the concerned.
The country has much potential for the development and promotion of tourism; not but what, it has not been able to make desired headway in the tourism sector. Tourism has diverse forms and manifestations. Leisure tourism, eco-tourism, adventure tourism, business tourism, health tourism, sports tourism, religious tourism, cultural tourism and even sex tourism are some of the important forms of tourism.
It is reported that the stay of tourists in the country is very short. Such transient tourists also spend less than what we expect them to. On the other hand, we have limited areas where tourists can spend. So efforts need to be geared towards prolonging their stay by exploring new travel destinations and developing new products. The longer they stay, the more they spend. This will increase earnings from the tourism industry.

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