India embassy issues fresh advisory for its citizens in Ukraine desiring to be evacuated via Hungary


New Delhi, February 27: The Indian Embassy in Hungary on Saturday issued a fresh advisory for Indians in Ukraine baring them not to cross the border from other checkpoints than Zahony- Uzhhorod as there is no presence of the Indian Embassy unit to facilitate entry into the Hungarian side.

The Indian Embassy said that they are coordinating with the Government of Hungary regarding smooth entry into Hungary of stranded Indian students in Ukraine through the Zahony- Uzhhorod border crossing. "For crossing Zahonv-Uzhhorod, a liaison unit from the Embassy of India has been stationed at Zahony, and it is coordinating with the Consulate General of Hungary in Uzhhorod. Stranded Indians are being brought in batches through this checkpoint for onward travel to Budapest for returning to India on Air India flights," the advisory reads.

It further said that the border crossing is only allowed by bus/van and walk-in is not allowed. "Kindly note that this border crossing Uzhhorod (Ungvar)- Csap-KPP Tysa-Zahony allows border crossing only by bus/van and walk-in is not allowed. Students coming through this border crossing should possess a valid passport, residence permit, Student ID card, Vaccination Card / Certificate," it said. "In case you are close to Kpp Tysa border crossing and planning to move on your own into Hungary, it is recommended that you move back to Uzhhorod and stay in touch with the Hungarian Consulate General and Dr Amrik Dhillon of Uzhhorod National University (Contact No.+380 63 725 1523), Ankur from Embassy (Contact No. 036304644597). This will ensure that in case of any delays at the crossing, students do not get stuck at the crossing and spend a night in open," read the advisory.

The Embassy said the Indians to keep passport/Resident Permit/Schengen Visa/valid vaccination certificate to cross into Hungary from other border crossings. "It is possible for students possessing Indian passport/Resident Permit/Schengen Visa/valid vaccination certificate to also cross into Hungary from other border crossings now.

However, this is not recommended and please note that there is a very long waiting time at these checkpoints and no presence of Indian Embassy unit to facilitate entry into the Hungarian side," it said. Students who are close to these other checkpoints and wish to enter Hungary through these border crossings on their own should try to travel to Budapest through public transport.

"Some more travel options, other than on Air India, on commercial flights out of Budapest may become available from Budapest. For any facilitation or advice, after reaching Budapest, such students should stay in touch with Sanjay Sharma, President BSH (Contact No.+36305990509) and Radhe Lal, Attache, Embassy of India (Contact No.+36308644595)," it added.

The first flight to Mumbai with 219 Indian nationals has taken off from Romania, said External Affairs Minister (EAM) S Jaishankar on Saturday. Amid the ongoing Ukraine-Russia crisis, the Indian Embassy in Kiev has advised Indian citizens against moving to any of the border checkpoints without prior coordination with government officials at border posts.

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