High Criticism of Chinese vaccine as a tool for geopolitical victory


Kathmandu, 28 January: China's anti-corona vaccine has been widely criticized around the world as it began distributing vaccines for geopolitical victories as the global vaccination campaign against the corona pandemic began.

Officials in Brazil and Turkey have expressed outrage over delays in sending vaccines against corona developed by Chinese companies. Facts about Chinese vaccines have also raised suspicions in countries such as Brazil and Turkey. Although vaccines against corona are considered effective in China, they are not as safe as vaccines such as Pfizer and Mordena. That is why the world has questioned the vaccine.

The Philippine government's decision to buy a vaccine developed by Chinese company Synovac has been criticized by lawmakers in the Philippines. Officials in Malaysia and Singapore have said that both synovac vaccines should be approved only if they are safe and effective. "We will not take any Chinese vaccines right now because there is insufficient data," said Bilahari Kausikan, an official at Singapore's foreign ministry. He also said that China should make a proper report on vaccination.

Similarly, 24 low- and middle-income countries have signed imports with Chinese vaccine companies. While developed countries imported Pfizer and Mordena vaccines, low-income countries could not import them. Experts say that the corona epidemic will continue for a long time in such countries. Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated by the lack of effective Chinese vaccines and delayed imports.

Meanwhile, some Beijing officials have argued that China's global reputation is in jeopardy. Similarly, the state media is saying that the Chinese vaccine will further enhance the global reputation. The Chinese media has misrepresented American vaccines and portrayed Chinese vaccines as a good alternative.

Chinese state media have questioned why the international media is not talking about people who have died from vaccinations, if is true then  it would have been in headline of all international media. The question was also shared on Twitter by a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman. However, scientists have been saying that the dead people are already suffering from other diseases.

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