India calls for permanent and comprehensive ceasefire in Afghanistan


New Delhi, 23 June: Referring to the UN Secretary General’s report on the situation in Afghanistan, External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Tuesday said intra-Afghan talks have not resulted in a reduction of violence in the insurgency-hit country.

On the contrary, violence has only increased, especially after May 1, Jaishankar said in his remarks at the UNSC debate on the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan.

“The country (Afghanistan) has been witnessing targeted attacks on religious and ethnic minorities, girl students, Afghan security forces, ulemas, women occupying positions of responsibility, journalists, civil rights activists and youth,” the EAM said.

“It is therefore crucial that the international community and, in particular, this Council presses for a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire to ensure immediate reduction in violence and protection of civilian lives,” he added.

The EAM said that a durable peace in Afghanistan requires a genuine “double peace”. That is, peace within Afghanistan and peace around Afghanistan. It requires harmonizing the interests of all, both within and around that country.

Jaishankar said India has been supportive of all the efforts being made to accelerate the dialogue between the Afghan government and the Taliban, including the intra-Afghan negotiations.

“If the peace process is to be successful, then it is necessary to ensure that the negotiating parties continue to engage in good faith, eschew the path to find a military solution, and fully commit towards reaching a political solution. A tangible demonstration of this commitment is required,” the EAM observed.

India welcomes any move towards a genuine political settlement and a comprehensive and permanent ceasefire in Afghanistan. “We support a leading role for the United Nations, since that would help improve the odds for a lasting and durable outcome,” Jaishankar maintained. (



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