India celebrating 72nd Republic Day


New Delhi, 26 January: India is celebrating 72nd Republic Day today (26 January) to mark the day India became a sovereign republic.

While India gained independence from the British in 1947, but it wasn’t until 26 January 1950 that the Indian Constitution came into effect and India became a sovereign state, declaring it a republic.

This day is celebrated with much pomp and fervor all over India, and in India’s capital Delhi, parades, tableaus and spectacular displays by the defense forces are showcased at Rajpath. The Indian flag is also hoisted all over the country.

The Indian Constitution was drafted by Dr BR Ambedkar who is known as the Architect of the Indian Constitution. The January 26 was chosen as the day to announce India becoming a republic as in 1929 on the same day the Indian National Congress denounced colonial rule and proclaimed Purna Swaraj, “complete freedom from the British”.

And while the Constitution came into force in 1950 under a democratic government system, it was adopted by the Indian Constituent Assembly on 26 November 1949. This completed the country’s transition into becoming a sovereign republic.

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