India, China face two big issues right now, says EAM Jaishankar


New Delhi, 24 June: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar has said that the onus is on China to live up to the written commitments that have been made and reiterated time and again in order to resolve the border tension between both sides.

Speaking at the Qatar Economic Forum, Jaishankar noted that the India-China issue is independent of Quad and with China there are two issues that still continue to exist between both countries.

“Now, the India-China border issue, it has pre-existed upon, in many ways, it's a challenge, a problem, which is quite independent of the Quad. And there are two big issues there right now. One of course is that the close up deployments still continue, especially in Ladakh. The issue there is whether China will live up to the written commitments which are made about both countries not deploying a large armed force at the border. And the larger issue really, whether we can build this relationship on the basis of mutual sensitivity, mutual respect and mutual interest,” he said.

The Quad, on the other hand, brings together four countries with a common agenda that includes maritime security, connectivity and vaccines. “They have their own agenda, what I would say is a set of convergence, a world view. They meet and they talk about a whole lot of things,” the Minister said.

Asked about the G7’s approach towards China – which includes cooperation on issues such as climate change, competition in trade and disagreement on matters such as human rights – Jaishankar said India shares the G7’s views on the importance of resilient and reliable supply chains.

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