India sees decrease in COVID-19 infection


New Delhi, 25 May: The two major Indian cities-- Delhi and Mumbai-- that have been hit the hardest by the second wave of the coronavirus (COVID-19) disease have seen a decrease in the infection rate since the past few weeks. As many as 26.7 million people in India are infected by COVID-19 and 300,000 have died from the virus.

The new variant, which was discovered in India, had spiked the infection and death rate inside the country out of which Delhi and Mumbai were the most affected cities. With this, India has one of the highest numbers of COVID-19 cases and deaths linked to the infection of this virus in the world.

However, due to the decreasing numbers of infections in populated cities like Delhi and Mumbai, India has found some relief following the second wave of COVID-19.

According to Indian media, the infection cases in the country dropped by a million within the last 10 days. In the earlier weeks, the country saw 400,000 cases of infection and over 4,000 deaths reported on a daily basis. In the last few days, the cases of infection have decreased to 250,000 including deaths inside the country.

Although the situation of COVID-19 in Delhi and Mumbai has improved, the situation of this viral infection in South India is a completely different story.


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