Karnataka HC rejects bail to three Nepalis in dacoity case


Bengaluru, 23 June: Bail cannot be granted in a dacoity case merely on the ground that the charge sheet has been filed, the high court has held, while rejecting bail to three Nepalis accused of stealing valuables from a house in Koramangala.

“The petitioners are from Nepal.

However, it is claimed that they are permanent residents of Bengaluru, but there is no document to prove that. If the petition is allowed and the petitioners are enlarged on bail, they may tamper with the prosecution witnesses and may abscond to Nepal,” Justice K Natarajan has observed, Times of India reported.

Sagarika, a student, had filed a complaint that at 2.30 am on December 26, 2020, when she was alone at home, the accused barged into her house and robbed her of Rs 5 lakh, gold and silver ornaments.

Kamal Jajo Vishwakarma, Janaki Jaishi, and Sunil Bahadur Shahi (accused 5 to 7) had approached the high court after the session court rejected their bail plea.

They claimed that there is a contradiction in the complaint and charge sheet, and no test identification parade was conducted by police.

Claiming innocence, they contended that they are residents of KR Puram and would abide by any conditions to be imposed by the court. On the other hand, the prosecution claimed that if released on bail, they might abscond to Nepal.


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