After festival, RJP to go for agitation : Keshav Jha

General Secretary, RJP-Nepal


What was response of Prime Minister when the RJP-Nepal submitted a memorandum?

Prime Minister is still positive on our demands. He thinks that it should be carried out in a responsible manner. He was not able to give time on our demands of constitution amendment and other issues due to his busyness in party unification, foreign trips but he again committed to further begin the process of amendment before Tihar festival.

Are you optimistic?

We are hopefully from the beginning. The direction determines everything in politics. After the election was over, the political equation of the present government created a new situation. The constitution amendment is our main demand. Constitution amendment can be done by two-thirds majority which the present government has. Therefore, we have a practical situation to trust on the government. If we want to amend the constitution, we have no option to go with the present government. Hence, we have believed this government since the beginning and we are also optimistic. When we are informed about the memorandum to Prime Minister, we told him there is no longer to wait more. Madheshi people have sent us for the constitution amendment however, even 8 months have passed the process has not yet started. On one hand we have pressure and become unpopular with people while on other hand till when we will continue the support if the constitution is not amended. In response, Prime Minister asked us that he will resolve the issue in package. He also committed to amend the constitution, release of party's workers, oath of Resham Chaudhary and other issues related to Madhesh.

Prime Minister is saying to amend the constitution according to requirement and justification?

He may feel as it needed. The constitution is not going to give the right to the people that is written in the constitution even it is in the phase of implementation. We endeavor to solve the problem from dialogue and negotiations till the end. We have pressure to go into movement from all the leaders, workers and people. The political parties of the mainstream should not have the option to do peaceful movement. So, our efforts will be to address the issue from dialogue and talk. Even if the constitution is not amended in the prescribed time, it should be forced to us to struggle by withdrawing support. There must be a government responsible for the various events occurring then.

Earlier the party support to government unconditional. But why do you need to submit a memorandum to withdraw support now?

We believe that if we want to amend the constitution, it is not the option to go with the government. The written agreement reached with the government previous has not implemented yet. So this time we vocally asked the Prime Minister about our further action. In the movement to get right, we want to send a message to everyone that RJP has adopted so much liberal. So, we had orally supported the government in vocal situation.

The person who told not to amend the constitution before the election and also not to change full stop of the constitution has in favor of constitution amendment, this is a base of trust. Again, there is no other option to believe in politics.

Till Chhatha festival, do you see the possibility of addressing of demands?

Talking to the Prime Minister we have given an ultimatum till Chhatha festival. If there is no initiative till then, the path to struggle is open. So, this is our wish to honestly try our efforts and there is also a belief that it takes some positive steps from time to time.

If your demands are not addressed and go to struggle, then what will be the nature of this struggle?

The movement of mainstream parties is a peaceful struggle, there is no alternative. Before that we have to be peaceful struggle. As the movement continues, it also makes a difference in what the government presents.

What did the government think about other than constitution amendment?

It seems like the government uses different forms of class and society to look at it. The government should abandon the mindset of Madheshi people looking at the rebels, displaced and separatist. It is not talk about nationalism by sitting in Kathmandu only. All the Madhesi have fought for this country. All political and political changes have been made from the beginning of Madhes. There was no change in this country if Madhes did not join the change in this change. Therefore, the state should not take such minor issues as a matter of jurisdiction.

Despite power and majority government in Nepal's history, the people is not satisfied with the work of the government, how much it sees the future of the government?

As long as political stability and peace not established, the development and prosperity is not possible. In the history of Nepal, no government has been able to run for 5 years. Now the government of the KP Oli leadership is failing. The idea of not only fulfilling the dream is the situation where a common people have already frustrated. Not only that, senior leaders of the ruling party have also been dissatisfied with the government's work. Looking at such incidents, the situation has reached a very liquidity situation, and the future of the government is not too long, if the move is going on.


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