Can’t say how much potential Nidhi has for Congress President : Bajrang Nepali

Leader, Nepali Congress


Is the upcoming 14th general convention of the Nepali Congress being affected due to  Covid or are there also internal reasons?

The 14th general convention of the Nepali Congress has been influenced by Covid rather than internal disputes. In such a situation, our leaders are a bit hesitant about how to go to the General Convention or not. Internally, there has been no adjustment in some districts. Covid is the reason why all the things of the General Convention are blocked. Although the Central Committee meeting is in a dilemma, a new calendar has emerged. In that calendar, we should move forward the work of active membership in November. The temperature has risen in the hilly and mountainous districts and the Terai-Madhesh districts also have their own problems, so it remains to be seen how successful it will be.

So, the Congress General Convention will not be completed as long as Kovid remains?

There are many things in it. If we look at the example of our neighboring country India, the government has held the election amidst panic of Covid. In a country like the United States where Covid is terrorized, elections were held on time. That is why there are delays due to government problems. The party should also formulate its own clear view. We should not be too late. Because there is a legal problem, the constitutional crisis is also the deadline until next September. That is why we have to hold the convention on time.

Why has the Congress not been able to come to a definite conclusion about the General Convention?

The Central Committee has already decided to hold the general convention in February, but discussions are underway to organize the calendar we have. If it is not in February, then it is a matter of moving the calendar for one or two months. We have no other choice. We have to convene the General Convention within the time limit, whether we have covid or not. This situation has arisen because KP Oli’s government is very indifferent and irresponsible.

In particular, it seems that Province 2 has been liberated from corona.

In the case of Corona, Birgunj remained the hotspot of Province 2, as was the case in other places. The government is saying that Province 2 is free of corona. Speaking of Mahottari district, the meeting has not been held for more than two months. No test is being conducted in Mahottari district. Is there no corona here at all? In Province 2, the government’s indifference has exacerbated the Corona. Covid is a problem in its own right, but it can’t be said no.

Now let’s talk about the state of our General Convention in Province 2. During the lockdown, integration work was halted in most districts of Province 2. Covid is also the reason why that adjustment does not work. We also have some internal problems. But we have sent almost all from the districts. Due to Covid, the election committee officials could not sit. However, the integration work is yet to be completed in only two or three districts of Province 2. But no one is sure that the convention will be held in February.

A new face is being envisioned under the leadership of the Congress. What kind of leadership will come from the upcoming General Convention?

It is up to the delegates from all over the country to decide what kind of leadership will come to the Congress from the upcoming general convention. Because the general convention will decide what kind of environment is created for the general convention and what kind of people become candidates. Even in the 13th General Convention, the General Convention has made an effort to unite the friends of the younger generation. We also want new faces to come from this convention, young leaders to come. The new faces are capable and capable people who can lead the Nepali Congress, whether they are the old generation or the new generation.

Congress Vice President Bimalendra Nidhi has also expressed aspiration for the chairmanship. What are his chances?

I can’t say how much potential Bimalendra Nidhi has for the post of Congress president or what the current president does is a matter of his jurisdiction. However, Bimalendra Nidhi is also the Vice President now. He has registered his candidature, which is being debated very positively within the party. He is a worthy and capable personality. There is permanent polarization in the Congress. But everything will be decided by the General Convention. Friends of the General Convention support Nidhi that time will tell others. But everyone is positively debating Bimal’s candidature.

Will the current president Sher Bahadur Deuba support Nidhi as the president this time?

President Sher Bahadur Deuba and Vice President Bimalendra Nidhi have a long history in the party. He has come so far from the active leadership role of the Nepal Students Union within the party. So far, we have seen them standing in the same place in difficult situations of the party, accepting each other, moving forward in consultation. I can’t say what the President does now. Bimalendra Nidhi has also urged the President. Now I can’t say what they do. But they have spent a lot of time sitting in one place. Now let’s see how they move forward.

So, will Chairman Deuba to support Nidhi?

Certainly, Deuba supports to Nidhi. There are many candidates for the chairmanship. But Nidhi’s candidature is creating a new situation of polarization within the party. At some point in the internal polarization of the party, KP Bhattarai and Girija Prasad Koirala came to the fore, just as Sher Bahadur Deuba and Girija Prasad Koirala came here, then senior leaders Ram Chandra Poudel and Deubaji. In all these periods, Bimalendra Nidhi and Sher Bahadur Deuba appeared in the same place. But now Sher Bahadurji has retained his candidature and Nidhi has announced his candidature from the same camp. Due to that, there is a possibility of a new kind of polarization in the party. There are other candidates as well. 

When the dispute within the ruling NCP is escalating, will the leader of the main opposition party meet the Prime Minister?

The people have given a mandate to the NCP for five years and the Nepali Congress is mandated to stay in the opposition. Due to that, the NCP leaders are doing irresponsible things now because there should be political stability and peace in Nepal. Without stability, the country will not develop economically, economic prosperity will not come. The ongoing conflict between the Prime Minister of the Communist Party of Nepal and Prachanda could create a new situation in the country. Because of that, work against the mandate should not be done from anywhere. The Nepali Congress is very clear on this issue. The people have given close to two-thirds of the people’s vote to the NCP to run six provinces and the country. It is our understanding that the leaders of the NCP should appreciate that. Meetings between the leaders of the opposition and the leaders of the ruling party continue.

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