Central government has still unitary mindset : Nawal Kishor Shah

Social Development Minister, Province 2


Why does governmental office have not accepted the decision of province government of Province 2?

Some governmental officials have not allowed the decision of state government. For example, we declared holiday on the occasion of Bakar Idd, a festival of Muslim, Raksha Bandham, Krishnastami. But the staffs under the central government have not followed. Against that, Provincial Minister locked the Nepal Rastriya Bank. This shows that now the center has not left the mindset of unitary system. The central government has interfered in the state government's decision.


How much is it rational as the Minister of provincial government himself to go and lock it?


Locking the government offices under the central government was our compulsion. We opposed the unitary mindset of the center.

Why do not you coordinate or discuss with government offices instead of opposing?

It is duty of all governmental offices to follow the decisions made by the provincial government. The offices should be conducted according to provincial decisions. There are separate national and provincial holidays.


What initiatives should be made for following the decisions?

After the federalism was established in the country, the provincial government will decide what matters under it. There should be a coordinated environment between the state and central government. If the government offices do not follows the decision of provincial government that they should stay in center, not in province.


The offices under the central government are compelled to follow the decision of provincial government?


Regardless of the federal government, it should respect the feelings of which and for whom. The government offices should not ignore the celebrations, festivals in the state.


How the provincial government to co-ordinate with offices of central government?

We are ready for coordination. If the central Government does not understand the government of province, we also need to think about it. We have not made the government under the favoritism. The people have brought us here with their mandate. The central government leaves its arrogance. Now it is not possible to keep all powers in Singhdarwar. The central government should not show a fear of Singhdarwar.

We have fought so much for federalism. We are still struggling for allocation of rights of Singhdarwar equally. Due to the deduction of our demands in the new constitution, we have considered this constitution only partly. We have also burned the constitution by expressing dissatisfaction to this constitution. We have not asked all the sections of the constitution have errors but some sections are indifferent.

The provincial government was formed under this constitution and we become minister. But, if we become ministers, we do not believe in the constitution that we have completely adopted.

We can also take our last power to correct the differences in the constitution. Now when we come to the government, we will not do what the center says.

We are very serious to the problems of Madhesh. We have promised the people that we also give development and also provide rights. Therefore, we have postponed the movement. We would also launch the agitation even we are in the provincial government.



On Ashoj 3, the Constitution Day should be celebrated. Your party had burnt this constitution. You should celebrate Black Day or Constitution Day?

It is our party's perception that this constitution should be moved in a coordinated manner. The errors in the constitution should be corrected immediately. In this constitution, all rights are not included. We fight our rights until the last time. It is our determination.

But, the provincial government should celebrate the Constitution Day or not?

In Province 2, we have made the government with Federal Socialist Forum. So the decision will be taken with the coordination with Forum too. We supported the Oli leadership of the current majority government with a belief that the government should revise the constitution but we have not participated. Hence, RJP has followed the policy of watch and waiting.

In order to celebrate Constitutional Day or black day, the central leaders of the party will decide and we do according to what they decide.

What is the plan to send the money that was announced by India Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his visit to Janakpurham?

We are making plan. The government is discussing on various plans. But we have not decided yet. But the state government utilizes such money with cooperation with all sides.


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