Congress and communists promoted corruption: Dr. Krishna Kumar Rai

Leader, Janta Samajbadi Party and Health Expert


You have served as the chief adviser to the then Minister of Health and Population, Upendra Yadav. How do you see the growing corona infection in Nepal now?

The Corona epidemic was ignored by the NCP government from the very beginning. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli said that it is a common disease and can be cured by drinking turmeric water. At the time when the highest precautions had to be taken at the checkpoints, quarantines had to be organized but it was made like a goat and a buffalo herd. Up to 60-70 people were kept in the same quarantine room, there was no food, no hand washing, no masks and it was unorganized. Quarantine, like such an unorganized barn, was used to distribute corona.

It is said that the government has spent Rs 12-13 billion in the name of controlling the Corona epidemic, but the relief has not reached. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Because of that disorder, the corona now spread from village to village. At a time when resources need to be mobilized as a national campaign with high priority, nothing seems to have been done. Only verbally seen as a priority?

How to control such a situation?

The government does not seem to have many people with technical knowledge. Other countries where the situation was very dire has managed. Countries including China and Korea have already controlled the epidemic. There is chaos here. As the corona is increasing in India, it will definitely hit Nepal due to our open borders. There was no technical management in Nepal and there was no vigilance. Corona is now widespread at the community level. Now we need to focus on treatment. The government has not even added a single ventilator in this five-six month period. It could not be given high priority, he said. This is the inaction of the government.

You only blamed the federal government. However, there are now three levels of government in the country. How do you see the role of those governments?

Despite local and state governments, the federal government has not been able to provide them with adequate resources. The state and local governments are doing their best. Manpower and technical experts are under the control of the federal government. The state government has very few technical experts. The federal government should have sent a large number of technical resources, experts and manpower. After so many days of the Corona epidemic, the Ministry of Health has designated Mahendra Shrestha as the focal point. Then there should be a focal point in every state government. There should be technical committees in the states across the country. Rescue and relief from such epidemics is the responsibility of the federal government. In our country, the Deputy Prime Minister is given, he is not a technical expert, the Minister of Health is not a technical expert. Not only the Ministry of Health but also the Ministry of Health will cooperate in this. The resources of the whole country, the human resources, the experts have to be mobilized, the private estates have to be used. However, the ruling party itself is mired in internal strife. Now we are in the treatment phase. 35% of the beds are in the private sector but there is no cooperation with the private sector. Therefore, there is a lack of coordination, planning, management and technical management. Due to these various shortcomings and weaknesses in all countries, there are only a few things that have happened here. Now he is also taking money for PCR test. While no nation gives economic burden to the people during such an epidemic. In such an epidemic, the government itself has to provide security to the people.

Most of the deaths from corona appear to be due to some form of disease, and they die without treatment. Is it really Corona’s havoc or terror?

To some extent, there have been offerings in the name of Corona, but not all of them have been terrorized by Corona. Today, more than 25 million people worldwide are affected by corona. Nepal’s population has become infected in the world. About eight and a half million people have died. That is not to say that it is nothing. Mortality rate is also increasing in Nepal in the coming days. Because the corona virus has spread to the community level in Nepal, it affects more senior citizens. Other diseases such as cancer, blood pressure, sugar, diabetes, asthma, etc., such people increase the death rate. It seems to affect children and vulnerable women as well. But with good treatment, it can be prevented.

How can the people themselves survive this epidemic?

It is foolish to expect the government. Until it is vaccinated, the general public must protect themselves. In order to avoid the Corona epidemic, the first thing to do is not to go out of the house, to wear a mask when you go out, to stay away from crowds, not to bring him or her to your house when meeting friends, to discuss by maintaining physical distance, to wear a mask.

You are also the leader of Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal. How is the adjustment taking place?

The process of integration of Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal, which was formed by uniting the Samajwadi Party and the Rajpa, has begun. We have just come up with an adjustment regulation, which gives a guideline to form various committees. After that, the interim constitution has also been passed. The coming of the Interim Legislature is also a big thing. The party must follow the rule of law. Leaders and cadres have to abide by all the laws. Because of that, the party is now moving forward according to the documents. Now, homework is being done for the integration of leaders and cadres of both the parties. A four-member recommendation committee has been formed for that. Now we need to speed up the adjustment process because after two years, elections are coming again. The Corona epidemic also affected us a little. Without Corona’s wreckage, adjustments would have been made in many places. This has caused a bit of embarrassment. Since we are moving forward with one main objective, there is no such thing as a debate on adjustment. The old parties, including the Congress and the Communists, no longer have an agenda. They don’t even give anything to the people. Our party is being formed on the basis of the principle of inclusiveness so that everyone from Tarai Madhes to Pahad Himal is represented. It is also an alternative power.

What are the bases for JSP to emerge as an alternative power?

We are moving forward in the campaign of building an alternative power as a political force that unites the people of the entire nation. It is represented by influential leaders from Terai Madhes to Pahad Himal. Some are trying to mislead the people of the hills and mountains by promoting our party as Madheswadi or Madhes-centric. The Congress and the communists promoted corruption in the country, looted the country’s coffers, but now we are sure that the alternative power will come as the first power in the coming days. We are sure that the people will trust us.

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