Govt in Province 2 will reshuffle: Manish Suman

Province 2 member, JSP


A meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the Janata Samajwadi Party of Nepal was held for four days between Corona and Kahar but, no concrete conclusion?Ø A meeting of the Central Executive Committee of the Janata Samajwadi Party of Nepal was held for four days between Corona and Kahar but, no concrete conclusion? 

 The unification between the RJP and the Samajwadi Party took place after the fervent desire of the people and this was the first historic meeting of the unified party. The first day of the meeting ended with an introduction. After that, all the decisions taken after extensive discussions on various proposals are important. After mid-November, we will fully integrate both the parties from toll, ward committee to the center, how to stay disciplined, what will be the future goal of the party, what socialism we will go for, our attitude towards the current government, citizenship, Reshmalal Chaudhary. Therefore, many important decisions have been made from the meeting.

The situation is dire right now, in the state where your government is, Corona is getting frightening. There are no labs in the districts, the scope of testing has not increased. There are complaints that the people did not get to experience the state government. Didn’t see any decision or conclusion on this issue?

 The Janata Samajwadi Party is the party of the whole country. Not just for any particular state. However, the issue was also raised in the meeting as the Chief Minister of Province 2 was also a member. It’s not uncommon to see how Corona’s terror can be stopped. We have also given advice in this regard. Covid-19 has also been written in the party decision. This is not a problem of any particular area, village or settlement. After we become Nepalis, we have to think about the whole of Nepal. The government could have played a more serious role in this. At least one PCR test had to be done in each house. The infection has spread to the community.

No role of the state government was seen during such an epidemic. Could the party have given instructions on why the government led by its party could not make the people aware when there were complaints that the carriers of the dead and infected could not do anything else?

 I also support all complaints. Our party has not said that the government of Province 2 has done a very good job and there are no complaints. The government formed by itself is not a body to complain to its own party. The supreme body of the party is the Central Executive Committee. The party can change the characters of the government at any time if it wants. The party has already given instructions to the state government internally. In fact, the state government has done little more than compile statistics on the number of dead and infected. The state government has not been able to use the budget for corona infection control and prevention. The machines purchased by the state government are not working well. The machine in Janakpur breaks down twice a day.

Why didn’t your party-led government work well, should the party have been instructed to work better from now on?

 That thing has arisen. In the meeting, why the state government could not work well, why such a big allegation of corruption was leveled against you, etc. have been raised internally. We have not only written in the decision of the meeting. Internal instructions are also given.

 Do you see any improvement in the functioning of the government as directed by the meeting?· In fact, there has been no improvement so far. The state government is only convincing us that we are doing this and that. It’s only been a week since the instructions were given and it’s not enough time for results. Let’s see what he does. The central government has done nothing but directive orders. In any case, we must thank the local government now.

 The government of Province 2 is being discredited for various irregularities and corruption. Why doesn’t the party monitor this issue?

 When there were separate parties (RJP and Samajwadi), there was no lack of monitoring. The then RJP had formed a committee headed by Mahendra Ray Yadav. Our party believes in democracy and law. We will not rule in a state like the NCP. We do not decide to keep the name and capital of the state this or that in a rude manner like the NCP. We are running the government with the belief that the state assembly and the government are capable of making decisions on matters within the jurisdiction of the state government or the state assembly.

 Even after two and a half years of the formation of the state government, the people have not been able to feel the government. You have given a delegation to the central leadership with the complaint that there have been widespread irregularities. Shouldn’t the leadership take a decision on this issue?

 Irregularities after becoming an MP on behalf of the party, you should tell your grievances to the party leadership. It is also a democratic method to go to the party leadership and petition against one’s own government rather than speaking in the media or outside. By adopting that method, we have informed the party leadership about the budget allocated by the state government, the Red Book, the voices raised against the government, and the work done by the ministers. The party leadership has also taken these matters seriously. It has been published in the Gazette that our party has been united. Article 189 of the constitution of Nepal stated that the leader of the parliamentary party will be the Chief Minister. Accordingly, we will soon elect a new leader of the parliamentary party and the current structure may not be visible. The next structure has a more enthusiastic face and who can do something for the state. We all live with this hope. It will be resolved soon.

 So new faces are coming in the government of Province 2 now?

 As there is a constitutional provision for the leader of the parliamentary party to become the chief minister, a new face will definitely come after the election of a new leader. Even though the party is one, we still have two parliamentary party leaders in Province 2. Once the party is unified, a leader is selected quickly. Therefore, a new team is coming to Province 2.

 It means whole face of the Province 2 government is changing?

 I think so. Now all the friends of the party should get a chance instead of repeating the old face. Therefore, new faces come to the leadership.

 It is coming out that during the unity between the RJP and the Samajwadi Party, there was an agreement to form the leader of the parliamentary party Rajendra Mahato in the federal parliament. What is the reality?

 We have also heard that it was agreed to form Rajendra Mahato as the leader of the federal parliament during the unification. I was not in that meeting at the time of unification. But we have heard. Yes, in fact Rajendra Mahatoji is worthy, he should be given. Everything is happening on the basis of consensus. In the future too, everything happens on the basis of consensus.

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