If there is corruption in Province 2, it should be proved: Yogendra Raya Yadav

Minister of State for Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives, Province 2


The government of Province 2 is being criticized now. Ruling party lawmakers are demanding a change of government. Why ?

 Criticism of the government and talk of change are being criticized by Kathmandu-centric psychologists. A class community may have made various negative comments. The people of Terai-Madhesh are the basis for forming the government of Province 2. The people have an equally positive impact on the government of Province 2. The presence of the state government has been seen in various problems and disasters. As much as there is criticism and negative comments a limited number of people are doing it for their own selfish ends. The state government will not be affected by this. The foundation on which the government of Province 2 has been formed is now strong, it is gaining popularity and the will of the people is in favor of this provincial government. So the criticism from limited characters makes no difference.

Ø However, the state parliamentarians of your own party have complained to the central leadership that the state government could not work and that this government should be changed?

 That is natural. The mathematical number of the state government is 13 participants including the Chief Minister. Of the 107 state assembly members, 55 belong to the Janata Samajwadi Party. We are about to complete three years since the formation of the government. The rest of the state parliamentarians have the same aspirations and desires. Returning government characters is a process, it is a matter of policy. However, due to the shortcomings of the government, the lawmakers have not raised the issue of changing the government before the party leadership. His inner feeling was that change of person is inevitable, he had gone to the leadership with the policy issue that others should also get opportunity. It is not a delegation of government shortcomings and widespread dissatisfaction.

 After all, is it only the aspiration to become the Chief Minister or a Minister rather than the weakness of the government?

 This is natural. Complaints against the government are nowhere to be found. Today the world is going through a difficult situation. In such a situation, why only criticism and review of State 2? The Oli government also had to be criticized and reviewed. Critics should base their analysis on the situation in the country as a whole. Criticize only Province 2? Have other provinces dropped stars from the sky? What has more than 2 provinces done in Nepal? Or what has Oliji done? In such a corona epidemic, the Oli government is abandoning what it has to do and is vying for power. Murder and violence continue unabated. The federal government has concentrated all its power in Singha Durbar. Even though the country has gone into federalism, the center has now controlled all the power. Apart from the government, those who do not like the Janata Samajwadi Party government in Province 2 are making negative comments. Those who are corrupt in Province 2 have to prove it. Province 2 is the foundation and guardian of federalism.

 Is it possible that we should be able to do what the federal government is doing?

 What have we done? The entire bureaucracy is under the federal government, the staff is returning here in three-four months. The Oli government has all the rights to change and transfer employees. The police administration is also in the hands of the Oli government. In such a situation, only the structure of the state government will strengthen the governance system. It is not appropriate to decentralize the centralized power, not to give authority to the state government even when the provincial structure is formed, to keep the secretary in two-three months and to take the account from the state government.

 The state government had also started the process for recruitment, why couldn’t you do it?

 We are doing. We have formed the Provincial Public Service Commission. Today, we cannot recruit staff. We are moving towards our construction by passing 40 bills. In the two and a half years since the formation of the state government, the federal government has been changing 6-7 secretaries. For a couple of months, the secretary comes, spends time, and then leaves. What can we do in this situation? Now, the state government has reached the final stage of recruitment through the Provincial Public Service Commission. The Ministry of Land Management, Agriculture and Cooperatives is in the state but not a single one has been given land rights. Even now, centralized psychology is weakening the state, leading to failure and attacking federalism by making critical remarks.

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