I’m surprised with change of coordinator : Krishna Singh

Spokesperson, RJP-Nepal


RJP-Nepal was preparing its first general convention but it has changed its coordinator, how you have taken it?

We were out from the valley for the preparations of the general convention so I'm not able to understand this very well. There is still no need to discuss where the weakness has occurred and suddenly the coordinator has to change. If we had to change the coordinator then we should have decided to sit in the meeting of the Central Working Committee.

It was not an appropriate time to change the leadership when the party is preparing for general convention.

Even Mahantha Thakur was at the last phase in his leadership.

Has there turmoil in the party with the change of coordinator?

Since the beginning of unification of party, Mahantha Thakur was the coordinator of the party. Now I'm surprised when the change of coordinator at the time of the general convention.

It was already the party will be operated according to the rotational system, then why you should surprise?

That is the party's statute. When RJP-Nepal was formed, our coordinators took such decision to operate the party with rotational system due to people's emotions are inspired. In that time, a consensus was made to proceed under the leadership of Mahantha Thakur. But suddenly, when there is a very good environment, why the coordinator has changed and this will have to find out.

After the general convention, the leadership was automatically changed then why it was needed to change now.

It has also been said that the consensus was not made but the decision was taken based on majority, it has to be considered.

In party's statute, it was clearly mentioned that the decision of presidium member should be based on consensus. Should the second-rung of leaders become role-less?

All the office-bearers have been able to work. While making decisions, the president decided by consulting with others. When taking crucial decision, it should have better by calling central working committee. It would also be better if the information was done by proceeding.

Does the general convention affect even if there is a change of coordinator in the party?

Consensus should be made among all presidium members. It cannot ask that Rajendra Mahato not be the coordinator of the party. If there is a problem, it should be taken to the solution.

Thus the sudden change in leadership will bring negative impact on party's future and will not give positive message to cadres.

It is also suspected that the party has turned towards divisions with this situation?

That's not true. We are preparing for the general convention. The party will come forward by strengthening in the coming days. It is my intent that we would go on the basis of mutual understanding at the time when the party is taking the democratic form.

One and half year has passed for party unification however the party was not in such a way that it should be organized, why?

We are also taking initiative to bring such various issues of the party to the system. We are facing problems due to large numbers of party's office bearers. It needs improvement.

The political ritual has not been fully implemented in RJP?

Despite political rituals friends from different ideologies living in one place and everyone has fought together in the battle of Madhes. We are trying to meet. We established RJP, we should be the party's worker, not with any party's faction and personal interest.

How is preparation of general convention going on?

Preparation for the general convention is going on quite grandly. In many places our membership receipts have also been dispatched.

The doubt created over the general convention that the RJP will run from the rotational system as well?

The decision has been taken by all the presidium members whether the party has proceeded from the rotational system. Many charges are coming. In the event that everyone can refrain from it, I do not have any weaknesses in some party. But now I believe that the Party reaches a decision from the convention and will move forward in a new way.



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