It’s agreed to make Rajendra Mahato the leader of JSP parliamentary party : Santosh Mehata

Leader, JSP-Nepal


How do you see the newly formed JSP Central Committee?

The Central Committee of the JSP became very large. However, due to the unification of the two parties only a few days ago and in a transitional period, this is a compulsion for the party. It will be resolved through the General Convention. After the general convention, there will be no big central committee of JSP.

How many problems arise in the management of such a large Central Committee meeting?

After becoming the Central Committee, meetings must be held from time to time as per the statute. Even before this, the RJP had a Central Committee of about eight hundred and fifty members, which has met three or four times. This Central Committee will not remain for many days, now it is in a transitional state, so the constraint has become big. It will be decided after the general convention. In the meantime, a political committee is also formed. Everything is decided from the meeting of the political committee. The Central Committee meets at least twice a year. Management is also arranged for that.

Even now, the devastation of Corona has not abated, it is increasing day by day. In such a situation, do you see it possible to hold a meeting of the Central Committee by maintaining social distance?

There are many ways to hold a meeting. As there is a long Central Committee, meetings can be held in two or three stages or digital meetings can also be held. Now is the age of technology, different mediums are coming. Or the meeting can be held at the same place at a distance.

But there was no discussion in the Central Executive Committee about the General Convention.

Yes, there was no need to discuss the General Convention in the meeting of the Central Executive Committee. Because now is not the time to hold a general convention. So far, the adjustment from JSP ward to the center has not been completed. It is not possible to go to the General Convention without adjustment from the bottom to the top. Therefore, the adjustment process must be completed first. The Central Executive Committee has formed task forces for the adjustment. The task force is also scheduled to complete its work by mid-November. After the task force has completed its work, a decision is taken from the meeting of the Central Executive Committee.

However, in the past, the then RJP and Samajwadi Party had not been able to hold a general convention. Now that the two parties have formed the JSP, there are fears that it will not be able to hold its general convention or not.

General convention is a regular process of the party. The party’s general convention must be held within five years. In the past, the RJP had the objective of holding a general convention by completing the adjustment process within a year. But in the same period, due to various reasons, the General Convention process could not be completed. The RJP was formed but there was an agreement that the fraternal organizations would be decided by the general convention. But that is not the case in Jaspa. Jaspa is to complete the adjustment process within a year, emphasizing party strengthening, organization building, party entry process in the next year. Then in the third year, the General Convention will be held. JSP oves forward from this process.

Six months have passed since the integration, will the integration of JSP be completed within a year?

Of course, the adjustment process will be completed within six months. The district level decision will be taken by November. After that, the adjustment up to municipality and ward level is completed and the fraternal organization should also be decided. Therefore, the goal is to complete the whole process of adjustment within a year.

When is the leader of the parliamentary party decided in the federal parliament?

The Central Executive Committee cannot decide the leader of the parliamentary party, it is the parliamentary party that decides. At present, the parliamentary parties of both the parties are separated. Now the parliamentary parties should be integrated, for that a separate parliamentary party constitution is needed. That legislation is now made. It has been decided to form a task force on that legislation. After the constitution is made, a meeting of the parliamentary party is held and the parliamentary party decides. It is true that an agreement has been reached to make Rajendra Mahato the leader of the parliamentary party. There is an internal consensus that Rajendra Mahato will lead the parliamentary party. That agreement will be implemented legally.

Will the unwritten agreement to give Rajendra Mahato the leadership of the parliamentary party be implemented?

On the basis of which unity has been achieved, if everyone stands for unity, the unwritten agreement given to the leader of the parliamentary party Rajendra Mahato must be implemented. I think this unwritten agreement is implemented. Consensus should also be implemented. If that agreement is manipulated, it will raise doubts about unity.

Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is the Chairman of the Federal Council. So now the number one leader is Dr. Baburam or Mahanta Thakur?

The leader without number is Dr. Baburam Bhattarai and then number one begins. He is kept out of dignity. The hierarchy has started from Mahanta Thakur. Mahanta Thakur is at number one, Upendra Yadav at number two, Ashok Rai at number three and Rajendra Mahato at number four.

So Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is the omnipotent leader?

Dr. Baburam Bhattarai can also be called as an esteemed leader. However, we have not mentioned that verse. We have called him the chairman of the Federal Council.

How did you see the visit of Samant Kumar Goel, the head of India’s intelligence agency RAW, to Nepal?

Samant Kumar Goel is the head of RAW, a research and intelligence agency under the Ministry of Home Affairs of the Government of India. RAW aimed is to conduct research on India’s interests around the world. To that end, Goel may have met with various political figures, including the Prime Minister. RAW chief Goel may have met to further strengthen relations between the two countries. From the outside, we can take this visit as an attempt to erase the bitterness between the two countries over the past few days.

Was the RAW chief’s meeting with the Prime Minister just a courtesy call or also a strategic one?

That is the purpose of the organization. So to keep India safe in the world, how to work in India’s interest, how to prevent harm from happening to India is the aim of RAW.

Why is there a wave in Nepali politics when a high-ranking Indian personality visits Nepal?

Rather than commenting on this issue, we should generally understand that there is a mentality that India has a hand in any political event in Nepal. It is a chronic disease. Even then, it is natural that the RAW chief himself came to Nepal and met the Prime Minister.

Has the visit of RAW chief to Nepal improved the relations between the two countries?

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. Therefore, it is not possible to say what talks were held to improve the relations between the two countries. However, the bitterness in the relationship must have improved.

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