Janmat Party to replace other parties in Madhesh : Abdul Khan

Center member, Janmat Party


The Janmat Party has called a meeting of the Central Committee on December 12. How is the meeting?

The meeting of the Central Committee of the Janmat Party is being held on November 12. Due to Covid-19, we are holding a two-day meeting online. On the first day of the meeting, we exchange information about the activities taking place in the districts. And, in the second day’s meeting, the upcoming program and strategy are discussed.

The Central Committee of Public Opinion is also small; the meeting could be held with a physical distance?

This is not to say that Covid-19 is not appearing now. Even now, there is a risk of Covid-19. Covid-19 could not be found due to lack of check, but Covid-19 could not be said to have ended. As a responsible party, we do not want to break the Covid security standards issued by the government. Some of our Central Committee leaders are in the district and some are outside. So, now we have come to the conclusion that we should have an online meeting.

If Covid is at risk, why is the Janmat Party holding conventions and party entry programs every day?

The main reason for our online meeting is Covid-19. The whole world is now moving forward with digital activities. Now Covid-19 has come, later other such epidemics may also come. So if we establish a tradition of holding meetings online from now on, it will be good for the future as well. Another thing is that our ward conventions and party entry programs are also taking place. We were not in favor of doing so. However, the so-called national parties, including the ruling party, are not following the criteria of Covid. We are disciplined and understand the responsibility.

What are the main agendas of the Central Committee meeting?

It is our agenda to hold regular three-month intervals of the Central Meeting. This is our seventh Central Committee meeting. The main agenda is to get information about the activities in each district. We understand how many committees have been formed so far and what is the status of ward conventions? How is our organizational preparation? We then discuss new strategies and plans for what we should do in the coming days, what Covid’s condition is, what we can do.

What are the possible plans?

As we are a new party and organization, it is about how to prepare for the general convention by distributing new members, expanding and concluding the conventions. Our ward conventions are being held every day. Other parties have a district working committee, but the Janmat Party has a district coordination committee. The chairperson of each of our wards automatically becomes an ex-officio member of the district.

When will the general convention be held?

We have not yet set a date for the convention. However, we have set a target of concluding the district-level convention by February. If we are able to hold the convention in the district by March 30, then we will fix the date of the convention. However, our first general convention will be held in the coming Baishakh. We are planning to hold a general convention within this year, but if for some reason it does not happen, we will hold a general convention in the New Year.

The Janmat Party has only all the members except the central chairperson and no other office bearers. Officials will not be elected before the general convention?

Officials of public opinion are elected from the general convention. Until the General Convention, the Central Committee has only all the members except the chairperson.

Is there any allegation that Chairman Dr. CK Raut is like ‘One Man Army’ in the party when other office bearers are not selected?

When other office bearers were not elected in the referendum, the allegations that our Chairman Dr. CK Raut became One Man Army continue. This is also natural. There are allegations against those who work. There have been various conspiracies against us whenever we have entered mainstream politics and reached an agreement with the Government of Nepal. The conspirators cannot see us, the number of members of Janmat Party is increasing day by day, the organization is expanding, many leaders from other parties are also joining us. Therefore, it is not a big deal to accuse us. Another thing is that we leaders and cadres are more active in our party than the president. Day by day, leaders and cadres are holding ward conventions and entering the party. After all, we leaders and cadres have a greater role than the president. If anyone accuses our president of being a one-man army, it is completely baseless. Our central president is certainly more scientific, efficient and far-sighted than the presidents of other parties.

How many founders and influential leaders of public opinion have left the party with various allegations?

There is nothing to say about their allegations. They did not want to accept public opinion, they did not want to go before the people. He left the referendum out of his own personal will. No one can stop the person going. Our party is not divided. Everyone is accusing us. We are not in any government yet, no leader has become a minister, on what basis do they make allegations? They have not been able to convey the party agenda to the people. Those who left the party were tempted by various temptations and by someone else.Ø Is the Janmat Party national or regional?· The people will decide whether a party is national or regional. The parties are registered in one place. The size of a party is determined by the people.

But, the Janmat Party seems to be limited to Terai-Madhesh only?

Terai-Madhesh has more problems than hills and mountains. Where there is a problem, there is a solution. Therefore, our activities are increasing in Madhes. We have become more active in Madhes as political, economic, social and other problems are more prevalent in Madhes. The Janmat Party is working especially in Madhes as no political party has been able to raise its social agenda except taking votes in Madhes.

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