Last ultimatum to the government : Mrigendra Kumar Singh Yadav

Senior Vice Chairperson, RJP-Nepal


In April 20, 21, 22, the RJP-Nepal has decided to hold its first general convention. So, now a day, the party is busy preparing for the general convention. 

The situation is not like that and there is no dispute inside the party. The opposition has only dispersed about the disputes in RJP. The fractions and sub-fractions are in normal in all the political parties of Nepal. The RJP-Nepal has formed after unifying six Madheshi parties. We do not accept such issues that there is a lot of controversy in the party.

Nomenclature of various organizations is almost over. The process of adjustment has gone too far. Now we would conclude it very soon. 

After the two-thirds majority strong government was formed, we hoped that the government will be positive on our demands and we have given support to the government with the hope that our demands will be fulfilled. But the government has not shown its interest to amend the constitution. Likewise, swear in RJP-N lawmaker Resham Chaudhary and withdraw false charges slapped on party leaders and cadres were not done.

What will be the main points of memorandum?

Prime Minister is saying that the constitution will be amended according to the requirement and justification so on what base the memorandum should be submitted ? 

How much is the possibility to withdraw the support given to the government?

In the past, Madheshi parties used UML as an anti-Madheshi party, now when the Communist government was formed, how it was hoped that it will address demands of Madhesh?

What is the type of movement after withdrawing of support?

In the past, we did the activities of border blockade, transport strike and movement movements from the streets to the house? So further movement will from the House or street?

If RJP-Nepal withdraws the support given to the government, then what is the possibility for choosing to cooperate with the Congress?

If the Congress also supports our issue, it can be a co-operation. The party co-operation depends on how much positive our demands are taken. If Congress takes positively our issue it can be helpful. Compared to Communist, the Congress seems to have some positive on our demand.

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