Madhes seeks alternative force against JSP : Jagadish Adhikari

Chairperson, Madhesi Mukti Tigers and former leader of JSP-Nepal


JSP is now in adjustment process but why do you seem dissatisfied?

A list of more than the former RJP’s share has been prepared on the issue of adjustment. This issue is being discussed among the then presidium members of RJP. There have been delays so far due to more names than their share. The leaders of the presidium members have not yet reached an agreement. Even those who have not worked in Madhes have been given more priority. Until now, they only did politics for position and money. They have ended the Madhes issue. They are doing politics only for personal interests rather than the Madhes issue.

Is the problem only in the former RJP or also in the former Socialist?

There was a problem in both the parties at that time. Even the leaders of the former Socialist are politicizing only money and positions. The ex-Socialists have also displaced the struggling leaders of Madhes. Madhesi warriors have also been displaced from the former RJP. I was the President of the Madhesi Mukti Tigers. I was united with the party led by Sarita Giri. I was the General Secretary of the Nepal Sadbhavana Party when Sarita Giri merged with Anil Jha’s party. I have been fighting for Madhes from the very beginning and I have also waged an armed struggle. I am also a senior Madhesi politician among the leaders in the party now. They are displacing many Madhesi leaders like me. It cannot give rights to Madhes. So I am trying to revive the Madhesi Mukti Tigers again tomorrow.

Are you dissatisfied with not being given any post yet?

I don’t need a post in a party where money is exchanged. I thought that this party works for Madhes. But the reality is different. They also sold the issue of Hindu State. They are advocating secularism for money because the European Union protects them. All parties in Nepal spread Christianity. I don’t need a post. They have nominated all the money so far. Those who gave money have been given National Assembly or other posts.

You are alleging that you have been made an MP by taking money and do you have any proof of that?

There is evidence that he was made an MP with money. People who have never been a central member of the party have been made MPs. How can a person who has no responsibility in the party be brought to proportional representation? Until yesterday, people who belonged to another party, how did such people become MPs?

Isn’t JSP created for the purpose of creating alternative power in Nepal?

There can be no alternative power. If a new power is born in Madhes, the old power will end. Such a situation is being created. They divided Madhes into pieces. They had advocated that Madhes is a state, there was so much movement in Madhes. Even now they oppose the constitution but they are taking various benefits based on this constitution. What is the meaning of such struggle and movement? I don’t think Madhesis will get rights until Madhes leaves this country.

Do you also have a separatist ideology?

Why stay in one place when you don’t get your rights? The constitution speaks of proportional inclusion, but in practice it does not. Madhesis should have been able to restructure Madhes according to their own needs. But that was not done. Madhes was divided. Why didn’t the current leaders of JSP take a stand on this issue?

Are the leaders of JSP still standing by their demands? It has not accepted state restructuring, has it brought the concept of 10 + 1?

They use the Madhes issue only as their political weapon. As everyone knows, they have been selling the issue for position and money. From time to time he also becomes a minister. Earlier, they used to celebrate Black Day in protest of Constitution Day. But now you see, the constitution is being accepted in detail. If there is dissatisfaction with the constitution, then you have to cut your lot. There is a double policy of saying that we oppose the constitution by deceiving the people, but we also get all the facilities by relying on the constitution.

Now what do you see as the alternative for Madhes?

Now a new power should be born in Madhes. Madhes has now started looking for alternatives.

JSP was formed for alternative power in Madhes. What new power is coming now?

As it left the issue, there was no justification for such an alternative power. When Nepal Sadbhavana Party was there, why was the forum born? He was also moving forward with the issue of Madhes. After that, if the forum could not work, Mahanta Thakur opened the party. With that, a new power is emerging in Madhes, the time is coming. Let’s wait Madhes does not get anything from them.

You are speaking against your own party, will the party take action against you?

I don’t care if the party takes action. I had my own party. I came to the peaceful movement saying that they work for Madhes. I had said in the meeting of JSP officials that you have opened the party only to earn position and money. I have not put it in any committee till now. What more can I do?

What do you do now?

will now activate my party Madhesi Mukti Tigers again. The cadres of the then organization are still with us. Our cadres are still not affiliated with any party. When I joined the Nepal Sadbhavana Party at that time, I asked them to join my cadres, but I kept my cadres as they were. Because the people who took up arms knew that they could not live with them. I tried to live with them but could not.

So now you will go underground again by reviving the armed group?

It cannot be said now whether to take up arms again or to fight peacefully. We consult our then Central Committee. We have discussions with the then leaders of our organization, Chatan Singh, Mangal Pandey and many other leaders with nicknames.

At that time, the armed groups of Madhes were very infamous, weren’t they?

At that time, the current parties had discredited the armed groups in Madhes because they have killed hundreds of Madhesis by implementing special security policy. Madhesis still do not understand what political rights are. Economic incompetence, caste discrimination is a threat to democracy. It will take some time for the people of Madhes to rise above this. When the people of Madhes understand these things, then the people take action against them. The Madhesi leaders in the current parliament had killed the Madhesis by imposing a special security policy.

Was it the role of Madhesi party leaders in implementing special security policy in Madhes?

Certainly, the leaders of the current Madhesi parties have a hand in the extrajudicial killing of hundreds of Madhesis in the name of special security policy in Madhes. After the end of the armed underground groups in Madhes, a special security policy was implemented saying that they would rule in Madhes. Most of the current Madhesi parties are from the Congress, UML, Maoists and royalist parties. Even now, there are very few pure Madhesi leaders in Jaspa. If you look at the Central Committee that is going to be formed now, there will be insignificant people from Madhesi politics.

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