Madheshi leader never took initiative for leadership of the Congress : Yogendra Chaudhary

Leader, Nepali Congress


Congress has selected Bijay Kumar Gachhadar as Vice President, how have you taken it?

However, the leaders showed honesty the agreement made with the Nepal Democratic Forum. This was welcomed step. Although the process was soon completed, the Congress had more support and strength.

Now you have no dissatisfaction after choosing Gachhadar as vice president?

We did not have to show honesty to the agreement. But, now Bijay Kumar Gachhadar has been appointed the vice president of party. It is a welcome step. The disappointment that was grown has been removed and the adjustment process has increased.

After that, how long will the adjustment complete?

An adjustment committee has been formed under the leadership of another vice president Bimlendra Nidhi. So, we hope that the committee will complete the process of the adjustment soon. There are some problems and disadvantages to combine internal things inside the party.

What was the consent of the integration between Congress and Nepal Democratic Forum?

All the leaders of our party were about to manage. It was the main topic that the party president was given the presidency. In addition to this, the participation of the Central Working Committee, the agreement was to be implemented by the district organization to the lower body and to end up on the basis of necessity.

What post should the leaders of the chair be given?

We have given all authority to vice president who was the president of former party. Because he has full responsibility to the post and he will take the final decision in this regard. Due to the terms of the post, the other adjustments are initiated by the rest of the Central Working Committee.

When Gachhadar was made vice-president, a section of Congress opposed it?

If there is political consensus, it is recognized even if it is not in law and legislation. There are different ideas in the political party. So these issues should be resolved on a political basis. Those who oppose had come to explain why the consensus with the Forum Democratic did not finalize.

How much damage has been made to the Congress by faction inside it?

Naturally the Congress is one of the reasons for which the situation is also politics of factionalism. Being a Congress situation, there is external reason. External reasons are also the reason why the leftists have joined the election. In the internal reason, the Congress is confused in factions because it has definitely damaged. Due to the politics of factional politics, due to the crisis of democracy in the country is now in danger. The two-thirds of Communist's government did not seem to have used the country as it was. So Congress leadership has been raised in the country.

Have you made any group after joining the Congress?

We have not made any factions and believe that there should be no faction in the party. The main cause of the condition of the Congress is due to a group of factions. Therefore, if the group is politically reversed then the Congress will be hurt. The Congress has recently lost the worst defeat, so we have learned the lesson.

How does the Madhes policy of Congress get present?

In view of history, the Congress view of Madhes is relatively positive than the left. The Congress has not forgotten that the Madhes is foundation of Congress. However, some friends claim that Congress did not show honest by revolutionary talks. Congress alone cannot address all the issues of Madhes only. However, instead of solving problems in Madhes, some of the communists have given the name of nationalism. The Congress is always positive for addressing Madhes's problems.

If the foundation of the Congress is Madhes, why did not Madheshi be able to reach the leadership till today?

This has some tendency more than Congress. In Congress, Madhesi community leaders had to take their own initiative, but even if they did not, it was real. Leadership is also the subject of its struggle and ability to reach there. However, since the formation of the Constituent Assembly, people of Madhesh were able to reach a big position. President and Vice President were elected from Madheshi. Therefore, Madheshi should also showr potential and ability to reach leadership.

Congress did not try to solve the problems of Madhesh during the leadership of the government in the past?

Even if the Congress did not show progress in resolving the problem of Madhes, now Madheshi's government is in Madhes even if all the problems have been resolved. But, in comparison to other parties, Congress has dne more for the Madhesh. In the coming days, the Congress will further strengthen the Madhes and will fulfill the remaining workloads. In comparison, many problems of Madhes have been resolved.

Why did the Congress never raise the issue of constitution amendment as its issue?

The Congress did not vote in favor of amendment registered the draft of constitution amendment in Parliament? So the Congress did not want to be lonely. But, now the government has a majority of two-thirds. Even Upendra Yadav is also in the government. But they are also not amending the constitution. So it is important to understand where the problem is. If an amendment proposal comes in favor of Madhesh, Congress is ready to vote in favor of amendment. Even if the Congress is now opposition, it is always ready to handle the amendments that Madhes wants. Because amendment is linked to the interest of the country, the Congress will be in favor of amendment. However, the Government should bring the proposal to parliament.

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