Mandal not suitable as PP leader in Province 2 : Ashok Kumar Yadav

Assembly member, Province 2 NCP Prachanda-Nepal faction


Why the motion of no-confidence against Satyanarayana Mandal, the parliamentary party leader of the Communist Party of Nepal in Province 2?

Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has been working contrary to the responsibility given by the people under the leadership of the Communist Party of Nepal to run the state. His progress has been supported by Satyanarayana Mandal, the parliamentary leader of our state-2. He acted contrary to the conduct of the Communist Party of Nepal parliamentary party leader. I am the person who voted against the parliamentary leader when I was dissatisfied with his work from the very beginning.

What are the functions of the parliamentary party leaders dissatisfied with?

It has been showing a very wrong trend in the last three years. He has been ignoring any MP, not discussing, working against the conduct of the Communist Party and keeping a group of two or four people in his favor. Against such a trend, we have now filed a no-confidence motion against the leaders of the parliamentary parties in Province 2. We have registered a motion of no-confidence in Province 2 saying that Satyanarayana Mandal is no longer suitable as the leader of the NCP parliamentary party.

Who will be the leader of the parliamentary party in his place?

We want to remove him from the leadership of the parliamentary party of Province 2 and establish a method and process. Our aim is to run a party based on the policy and principles of the Communist Party of Nepal. We discuss his conclusions and draw conclusions. Earlier, Shatrudhan Mahato had become the candidate from the then UML. There are other friends as well. We, 20 NCP MPs of Province 2, have signed the no-confidence motion. Now that the party meeting is over, we try to choose a name by consensus. If not unanimously then we are selected according to the method procedure.

Do you have a majority to elect a new parliamentary party leader?

In Province 2, the Satyanarayana Mandal tried to mold the NCP parliamentary party into individual conduct. He did not have to bring the parliamentary party according to the principles and guidelines of the NCP. During these three years, he worked as a flatterer. He was guided and operated from Balutawar rather than the state. He has not done a single exemplary work in favor of the NCP in Province 2 till date. Therefore, we are compelled to take this step to run the party in a lawful manner at this time. In this state, we are still in the majority within the party. We should consider the majority as those who work according to the rules, procedures and principles of this party.

Prime Minister KP Sharma has announced elections for a new mandate, saying he could not work in the current parliament due to lack of support from his own party. Why are you afraid of elections?

We are protesting against the unconstitutional act rather than preparing for the election. The Nepali people gave the NCP an overwhelming majority for five years, but in the meanwhile the parliament could not be dissolved. Who did not give job to Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli? Who has stopped KP Oli from doing anything in this country till date? The statement made by the Prime Minister is against communist conduct. He has appointed ministers in his own way, he has made political appointments. Madhav tried to show Nepal everywhere. But Madhav Nepal worked in the interest of the party despite the humiliation.

Isn’t it appropriate to go to the polls now for a fresh mandate?

What about the mandate given by the people for five years rather than the fresh mandate? The people gave the mandate for five years but dissolving it in three years is an insult to the mandate. The Prime Minister’s move is regressive and unconstitutional. This is the product of Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli’s authoritarian thinking. If there was a no-confidence motion against KP Oli, it would have to be faced in Parliament.

The issue of dissolution of the parliament is now under consideration in the Supreme Court. Why the agitation in the streets?

We have full faith and trust in the court and the court. We believe that the court works in the interest of the Nepali people. We are confident that the House of Representatives will be restored by the Supreme Court. We have no objection to what the court does.

Aren’t you holding protests now to influence the case pending in the court?

We have not taken any action against the court. We are struggling against the KP Oli trend. KP Oli should correct that step. The steps taken by the President of this country to support KP Oli should be rectified. We are against them. We respect the Supreme Court of this country. We are hopeful that the Supreme Court will rule in the interest of the Nepali people to protect this constitution.

But the prime minister is confident that the Supreme Court will rule in his favor in writ petitions against the dissolution of parliament. He is also saying that preparations for the election have already started?

Don’t listen to Prime Minister KP Oli. Everyone knows about him. It’s nice to hear his speech just for fun. Out of the 415 members of the Central Committee, about 100 people are called together, but when the Central Committee is announced, it is said to be more than a thousand. Can Prime Minister Oli only prepare for the election? The people also have to be ready for that. How can the people support if they do not abide by the constitution made by themselves and only do things against the constitution? He should have formally resigned after the dissolution of parliament and should have been in charge of the caretaker government. But he has not yet resigned, nor has the government taken office.

If you have a majority, can’t you win the election?

We understand the issue of majority and minority. We know the people will vote for during the election.

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