Modi's next visit to strengthen ties between Nepal & India : Raj Kumar Sindhi

Central Chairperson , Nepal-Friend Friendship Association  



How does the Nepal-India relationship can be defined after formation of the present government?

The current government is moving forward with new ideas. The relations between Nepal and India have been awaited and new initiatives have been made to strengthen the relationship. I feel that the relationship is going to be timely and intensifying. In the meantime, the exchange of visits to government heads of both the countries has changed in the past.

How does the newness come to a relationship?

In Nepal's context, and without India Nepal's development and the balanced development of India without supporting of Nepal, both have seen as supplementary. Nepal has imported more than 70 percent from India and it is understood by Nepal by its reality. Therefore, the relationship between the two countries should be balanced. The relationship is now on the basis of the realities. So newness has come in relation to the past. Special assistance is being received from India on the basis of real estate issues.

Its mean, previously relationship was only in principle, but now it is in practice?

Yes. Direct bus service of various cities of India has started from various places in Nepal. The relationship of economic, social and religious has begun. The buses of Nepali numbers from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Janakpur Dham, Dhangadhi and Nepalgunj start for Delhi. Indian number plate buses are also coming from India to Nepal. Due to that, Indian tourists have increased in Nepal's tourist sites. Its effect is also seen in the local community.

When KP was prime minister for the first time, he did not have a good relationship with India but now the relationship is said to be good. In that sense, it was U-turn of towards India or India's toward Oli?

Regarding the fact that, rather than the U-turn of India's or KP Oli, relations and necessities should have been seen. Because of realistic things being done, relationships are growing more and more in a long way. There is no doubt about it.


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is visiting Nepal for the fifth time in the coming November. How do you take this frequent tour?

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi has seen more religious and spiritual importance especially for Nepal. Looking at political, he has always seen Nepal's visit for the further strengthening of India and Nepal. His frequent trip should not be taken otherwise. Nepal-India relations seem to be quite special for him.

For the past 17 years, no Prime Minister of India visited Nepal. However, Modi is visiting Nepal for fifth times in his single period. What message does this go to in the international arena?

The language, culture between Nepal and India, is naturally more likely to be more frequent. As far as his arrival has come to Nepal, it is beneficial for Nepal. When he travels to religious places in Nepal, there is also a focus on the international community. In those religious places, foreign tourists have also started becoming a center. It has also transformed the same culture.

How much its importance the repeated visit of Modi to strengthen Nepal-India relations?

His frequent visit to Nepal keeps great importance in making relations. There is no such relationship in the world, just as there is a specific relationship between the two countries. It has a great deal. Such trips should be kept.

Is there hidden strategic meaning in Modi's visit?

I do not think that such a strategic meaning is hidden. It should be taken normally. In the past, there was an uncomfortable environment. However, such visits make the relationship more prosperous and stronger in the coming days. No such impact has affected the people of Nepal or India due to such visits. Even though different political ideas differ, our relationship is not uncomfortable and lightweight.

What should Nepal do to strengthen the relationship?

Nepal Government has also taken a lot of interest in this regard. There are many efforts to further develop our relationship. Both countries have shown positive to remove disagreement and misconduct between the two countries.

An EPG was formed at government-level between Nepal and India and it has also finalized the report. But the report has not been publicized yet why?

There is no other question on this because members of this subject are very experienced. We believe that they have studied well and prepared reports about how to carry out relative relations at the present time.

Different conditions are being made during the political situation in India. Due to Modi's busyness, he was unable to manage time. I do not feel like there is a special reason why the report is not public.

The report prepared by the EPG has also been used to mention identity card and bar ate Nepal-India border. How easy or uncomfortable if it happens?

It is not easy. We just heard about this topic but whether or not the report is mentioned. There may be a subject raised by the viewpoint of security, but it should not be such a situation that can be auspicious for both the people who have been in the open border for years.

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