Oli has lost the moral basis to lead the party and the government : Ram Chandra Jha

Central Committee member, NCP


What is the source of controversy within the Communist Party of Nepal?

Any issue is discussed within the party and the decision is taken on the basis of consensus or minority / majority. The bottom line now is that the party’s structural functions did not follow the rules and procedures. It did not run fairly, it ran smoothly, the party committees did not get continuity, many committees have been jammed for many days. There has been a problem since the formation of the party committee. People who came yesterday were directly nominated to the provincial committee. While the article of the constitution has made clear provision for that, Party President and Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has been working through many such processes. Another thing is that there was bias in the question of giving responsibility. Someone is also the chief minister, also in charge. They do not have enough time to do the work of the party efficiently. Many people are living without work. There are also people who have experience, not giving work to those people. No initiative has been taken to work according to the policy and program. Similarly, widespread corruption is taking place. The Communist Party is comparatively ahead of other parties, not corrupt. While the party’s chairman is the prime minister, there are reports of widespread corruption among his ministers.

After saying that the Prime Minister and NCP Chairman Khadga Prasad Oli has completely failed to run the party and the government, shouldn’t he be removed from both the posts now?

If Khadga Prasad Oli can’t do it, then he has to give an alternative. Questions related to development and construction, the foundations of the state has been questioned time and again. He could not work according to the party’s policy and method, is it his incompetence or not?

Do you see a situation of dispute within the party?

NCP Chairman or Prime Minister Oli has questioned the working system. His supporter Gokul Prasad Banskota said that the party should be based on consensus, majority or minority. In the Interim Constitution 2075 BS, the decision of the party is based on majority. It has been said that the parliamentary party will be run under the direction of the party’s central committee. Doesn’t he accept that too? Is he the leader of the parliamentary party? The chairperson is the head of the central committee. Decisions are collective. He must abide by the decision of the majority. The standing committee has two-thirds vote against him. He has completely ignored two-thirds of the people. A majority of members in the Secretariat and the Central Committee are also against him. What system is he running after losing his majority in all the committees? Whom did you satisfy? If the responsible leaders and cadres of the party are not satisfied, will the party run by chanting slogans in the streets by paying five hundred thousand rupees? Nowhere has he dared to prove a majority. He is trying to show himself a nationalist against India. He is advocating for the passage of the Indo-Pacific Strategic MCC. Our Central Committee has said that MCC is a traitor. A committee headed by Jhala Nath Khanal has already concluded and submitted a report for the MCC study. He does not want to discuss the report. Therefore, he has lost the moral basis to lead the party and the government in any way. He did not have faith.

He is not in a position to give up his position. What can the party do to him?

The party decides by a majority. Once the party has made a formal decision, whether he agrees or not, is the main thing. If he does not agree, then the party is not obliged to accept him. In that sense, he is lowering himself.

However, the meetings of the party have not been able to take place and the meetings of the standing committee have been postponed time and again. What does the party do?

He is walking away from the party meeting. Don’t let the message go outside that the Prime Minister was not given time by not cooperating. We have been giving time time and time again so that the situation is not conducive for discussion and the party has taken direct action. He considers that time a weakness. He is saying that if he wants to lead the party, he has to wait till the next general convention and if he wants to lead the government, he has to wait till the next election. He was the president-elect of the then UML General Convention yesterday. Now Nepal is the Communist Party, not the UML. The party he was elected chairman of has been dissolved and unified. The NCP should operate according to the provisions of the Interim Constitution 2075 BS Accordingly, it is questionable whether he will accept the interim constitution of the NCP or not. He had to say that he did not abide by the interim constitution. At whose behest is he acting?

Now the global epidemic is wreaking havoc on Corona, as is the problem of floods and landslides. Is a change of government appropriate now?

The Corona epidemic has failed miserably in terms of prevention and control. There was talk of corruption in the procurement of health products from China, how many of them were useless, irregularities in procurement, and handing over to the army. How can a government that can’t control Corona be given continuity? Such a question would be relevant now if he had done a good and effective job in preventing and controlling corona. Or the government would have done a good job in running and developing. Such problems keep coming. But if the government does not work effectively, how to deal with those problems? Therefore, such a sensitive situation has become even more necessary that the government had to work effectively. No member has tried to remove him out of prejudice, only because his work is not satisfactory. If he is in a position to satisfy and present in that manner, then he has to face the committee with courage.

How do you see the activism of the Chinese ambassador in the NCP dispute now?

We are also watching the Chinese activism within the NCP. Our party has an international relationship with the Chinese Communist Party. Therefore, China may be wondering whether the problem can be solved by making some facilitation within the NCP. The Communist Party, which is merging with the rest of the world, may have thought that there would be no division in Nepal. However, contrary to the beliefs of the committee members, China cannot intervene. When Jhala Nath Khanal was the Prime Minister, the Indian embassy was tight-lipped. At that time, there are examples of KP Oli meeting in hotels. Feeling good about yourself, looking at others differently. This is not the case.

Can the Chinese Ambassador settle the dispute within the NCP?

The dispute of the NCP is settled by the party leaders themselves. May they have good wishes. The suggestion of the Chinese ambassador can be considered if appropriate. We solve our problems on our own.

Is it within the diplomatic dignity for the Chinese ambassador to visit the top leaders of the NCP from house to house?

It depends on the person’s wishes. A letter was issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying that it was not good to meet with diplomats like this. People in government do not follow it.

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