Opposing the Constitution Day is symbolic to mount pressure for amendment : Sukeshwor Pathak

Senior Madheshi Journalist


How do you remember the Constitution Day because the government is preparing to celebrate The Constitution Day while Madheshi parties preparing to oppose?

According to the expectations of the people after the historic people's Movement, Madhesh movement and the People's War, the constitution issued by the Constituent Assembly should be taken in a positive manner. However, it was not the purpose that the constitution should be issued from the Constituent Assembly. It was also desire to reflect the, aspiration suppressed people. According to that, the day the constitution should be taken positively. But as depressed, Madheshi, people are disappointed with the constitution, it is desperate.


The Madhes-based parties in the past were opposed to the Constituent Day by showing a black flag. But this time RJP and Federal Socialist Forum still undecided about how to mark the Constitution Day?

There were some demands for the depressed people including the Madhes during the constitution making and they also wanted to be addressed by the constitution. Instead, they have opposed the weaknesses in the constitution for correction. But at that time the government thought that they are just protestors and always protesting. Madheshi parties have not opposed the constitution completely. But they have given pressures to remove the provisions and articles that are against the Madhesh. Those who are not in power oppose peacefully. When the constitution was drafting, Madheshi parties were not in power. They were united for reflection of aspiration and issues of Madhesh in the constitution to be drafted by the Constituent Assembly. Now Federal Socialist Forum is in the government and after going to the government, the party has moral obligation to work with the government's policies and decisions. In the present situation, the Forum should not be taken as Madhesh-centric party by ruling party. RJP is out from the government and opposed the constitution from very early. So there is also an obligation for the RJP to oppose the constitution as its demands are not yet fulfilled. Regarding the opposition party and also as Madhesi party, it is natural for the RJP to oppose the Constituent Day.


Do you want to say the role played by RJP and Forum is correct?

In the present situation, we should look at the Forum and the RJP in two ways. If the purpose of both these parties was the same, then they should have been united like UML and the Maoists. But it is reality the RJP and Forum have different ideology even they fight for Madhesh. It is natural to oppose the Constituent Day, while RJP is not in the government and the demands that they have kept in place are not addressed.


We know that from outside, the RJP also supported this government and also contested the three levels of elections and elected. The lawmakers of RJP are also taking allowance as per the provision of constitution.  So does it correct to oppose the Constitution Day?

We also know that RJP has not even asked not to obey the constitution. We should understand they are protesting the constitution only against the anti-Madhes provisions and demanded for their correction. RJP-Nepal is not against the constitution. RJP is the democratic party to believe in the parliamentary system. I think that RJP is not in favor to bring change through the street movement. It is the goal of RJP to solve the problem of Madesh from this parliamentary process. This is the majority government and there is no meaning of RJP's support to the government. But the RJP has given support to the government with believed that the government will flexible for the constitution amendment. The meaning to oppose the Constitution Day is to create the pressure on the government to amend the constitution. Unless, the errors of the constitution are corrected, the whole nation does not have the opportunity to celebrate the Constitution Day.


Do you say it is correct for RJP to oppose the Constitution Day?

From the day when the constitution was issued, the RJP was in movement and continuously opposing it and celebrated as the black day and that case is still continued. As there is no progress in its demands, obviously it is moral duty for RJP to oppose the Constitution Day.


Earlier Federal Socialist Forum demanded rewriting the constitution but now it is in the government saying for the constitution amendment. How do you get the Forum's role?

The Forum raised the slogan of the re-writing of the constitution was very fierce and it wanted to show that it is more revolutionary than the RJP. It was not possible to rewrite the constitution. As both Forum and RJP are two different parties they have also separate political ambitions. It is the parties' strategy how to fulfill their ambitions so the Forum also did the same.


The Forum has agreed to amend the constitution with this government. If the constitution is amended, RJP was afraid that its credit goes to the Forum?

It was ritual to make an agreement while participating in the government. The agreement between Forum and government was just a showcase. It was not easy for the Forum to participate in the government without agreement. I do not think the constitution to be amended with such an agreement.

Prime Minister KP Oli holds the capability to amend the constitution. Therefore, if the constitution has been amended, the Forum or Upendra Yadav does not get the credit but it will go for Prime Minister and the RJP. The RJP has still stayed with the stand not to joining the government without the amendment of the constitution.

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