Police carried the arrogance of the communists in Sarlahi : Dr. Amresh Kumar Singh

Lawmaker, Nepali Congress


What caused the clash between Nepali Congress and security personnel in Sarlahi?

We were in favor of peaceful sit-ins and demonstrations in front of the District Police Office. We went to protest and sit for justice, including the wife of the murdered Mahendra Ram, his brother and thousands of dalits, including more women. More than a week after the murder, the police have not registered a complaint and the body has not been provided to the victim’s family.

Police have seized the body of the deceased Mahendra Ram. No legal action has been taken against the culprit. Incumbent SP Santosh Singh Rathore is threatening the people as a NCP cadre by brokering power. As we were protesting and protesting, all of a sudden, we were blindly charged with sticks. More than three dozen Nepali Congress cadres have been injured in the incident. If the current attitude of SPs and DSPs does not improve, the people will retaliate. I am calling on the people that we stand for a peaceful movement. The people of Sarlahi are just people, they stand up for the injustice done to the Dalits. We lead that peaceful movement.

Why did you throw stone in the peaceful movement?

Every action has a reaction. You can watch the video of the protest program. The demonstrators were protesting peacefully for justice but the security forces suddenly started charging batons indiscriminately. The protesters did not carry stones.· We went there for a peaceful sit-in. Is communist democracy that the people are not allowed to hold peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins for justice? The brutality and brutality of the police is highly reprehensible.

Why did the police refuse to take the complaint of Mahendra Ram’s murder?

Because of two NCP cadres are involved in the murder of Mahendra Ram. Police say that no case can be filed against the NCP cadres. The spirit of the constitution and human rights is not that the leaders of the ruling party should be allowed to commit crimes. Whatever the culprit, action must be taken. The people cannot tolerate the game of escaping the culprit in the frenzy of any party or power. Dalits are now being subjected to a series of atrocities. Incidents of beating to death of dalits in police custody in Dhanusha are also fresh. SP and DSP have been suspended after the people got up. The people here also get up and the SP and DSP are suspended.

Why did the police refuse to give the body of Mahendra Ram?

Police have kept the body of Mahendra Ram in their possession. I was in Kathmandu on the day of the incident. I am raising my voice in my constituency after the victim’s family did not get justice.

If the dalits in my constituency do not get justice then why am I a people’s representative? People’s representatives are not made to eat only salaries and allowances. Therefore, ask the SP and DSP here why Mahendra Ram’s body is not being given. Ask the SP why Mahendra Ram’s body was not given to the family, why his funeral was not held? This is democracy. In a democracy, the people do not accept dictatorship. We are now educating the people from village to village for the justice of the Dalits. Our slogan is ‘Chalu Malangwa, Bharu Malangwa’. We are a party that believes in democracy. This is not my personal movement, it is the movement of all justice-loving people and it is being led by the Nepali Congress. This repression of the police has drawn the attention of leaders and cadres of the Nepali Congress all over the country. If Mahendra Ram’s family does not get justice, the Congress will declare a nationwide agitation, not just in Province 2.

But, what do you see as the reason for not giving the body?

SP Santosh Singh Rathore was once Prachandaji’s PSO (Personal Security Officer). He must have thought that I am Prachanda, no one can touch me. Therefore, Prachandaji’s cadres cannot be sued. SP Rathore is threatening the people here with Prachandaji’s name. However, the people of Sarlahi or Madhes are not afraid of Prachanda’s name. I have also said in Parliament that now it is the NCP, not the Nepal Police. If the number of NCP police is 80,000, then all the justice-loving people of the Nepali Congress are the police. Every people is a policeman for the Congress. Due to that, there are a thousand times more Nepali Congress cadres than there are Nepal Police today.

Hundreds were injured during the protests. What do you do now?

Again we perform. Even now, while talking to you, I am going from village to village to discuss and consult among the people. I am telling the people that injustice is being done to the Dalits and now we have to stand up. The people also understand. It is my job to explain to the people, it is the job of the people to support for justice. We are announcing the programs of the movement in a phased manner. There will be programs of movement from bandh, strike to death hunger strike.

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