Recent two visits from India certainly to resume dialogue : Motilal Dugad

Minister of State for Industry, Commerce and Supplies


How fruitful do you think the visit of Indian Army Chief Manoj Mukunda Narwane will be?

This is the regular visit of the Chief of Army Staff of India. It has been a tradition for the Indian Army Chief and other officials to visit Nepal, from the Commander-in-Chief of Nepal to other officials to visit India and at the same time to honor the Nepal Army by awarding the naval insignia. Similarly, our army chief is also respected by the President of India. So this is a regular process.

Earlier, the head of India’s intelligence agency RAW had visited Nepal, now the army chief has paid a visit. Do these visits remove the coldness in Nepal-India relations?

RAW chief Samant Kumar Goel’s visit was also part of a regular process. He was not called on special request. India and Nepal have an integral relationship. No other country in the world has such a special relationship like Nepal and India. In the past, some confusion has been created between the two countries. It is natural for neighboring countries to have disputes over borders. Nepal’s position on Lipulek, Limpiyadhura and Kalapani is justified. This issue is being resolved by consensus of both the countries. India has also promised to help in this.

While talking to RAW chief Goel about this issue, we have understood that we have talked with the Prime Minister to resolve this issue through talks. It is gratifying that the talks, which had been broken for the past one year, have resumed. These things end with bilateral talks with India.

RAW chief came to Nepal as a special envoy of the Prime Minister of India?

RAW Chief Goel’s visit cannot be taken as a special envoy because such visits are a regular process. It is not a big deal for a high-ranking Indian official to meet the Prime Minister after his arrival in Nepal. Meanwhile, a meeting was held between the RAW chief and the Prime Minister. We have learned that the talks were held on how to improve the relations between the two countries. The people of Nepal and India also want the relationship between the two countries to be smooth and strong.

So now disputes will end now?

Let’s hope the disputes end. Lack of communication has been a major problem in the past. Now that the dialogues have begun, the problems will surely be resolved. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs decides when the talks will start or at what level. But negotiations do happen and negotiations end differences. We must take these visits positively.

Will Indian Army Chief Narwane’s visit pave way for talks?

Negotiations always start in the political arena. Negotiations at the level of foreign ministers, secretaries or heads of government of both the countries take place in a diplomatic manner. Army chiefs do not interfere in politics. Therefore, it cannot be said that this visit was for talks or an initiative. However, such visits have opened up the dimensions of the talks. The visit of the army chiefs is in favor of enhancing military ties or activities between the two countries.

So is the army chief’s visit a good sign to end the lack of communication?

This visit is a good sign to improve relations between the two countries. The visit now resumes dialogue between the two countries. Earlier, even when RAW chief Goel came, some things had happened in this regard. This strengthens the relationship between the two countries because both countries need each other. We have everything in common with India. We have an integral and unbreakable relationship with India in every field. In every way, the relationship between Nepal and India should not be strained in any way.

Disputes within the NCP have escalated after the visit of RAW chief. Doesn’t the party seem to be moving in the direction of split?

This is not to say that the dispute within the NCP has escalated again after the visit of RAW chief. Debates within the party are also a regular process. There are two types of parties in any political party, it is natural for disputes to arise between them on one or the other issue. This problem has not arisen in the NCP due to the visit of the RAW chief.

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