RJP-Nepal should not split : Rani Sharma Tiwari

Senior Deputy Chairperson, RjP-Nepal


A doubt of split has risen in RJP-Nepal after the change of leadership? 

These are all just rumors. There is no truth in it. The change of party's coordinator was as per the party's statute because the statute has provision to lead the party on rotational basis. So it is not new thing. This is not the reason why it is unusual. No member of the presidium has said that this party is now in edge of split. 

But as the leaders of the presidium members have charged the former coordinator Mahant Thakur, how to take it? 

The accusation is their personal statement. I do not need to speak about this.

But, the leaders close to Thakur expressed strong objections on the statement of them ?

In fact, I have not watched that interview and I am unable to find the fact. So So I cannot say anything about this. I cannot answer about this unless this issue is principally raise in the party.

In an interview Mahendra Raya Yadav accused Thakur was unable to run the party, Thakur used the party for his interests, appointed leaders in party office bearers close to him. Do you think how much true these allegations? 

I already told that I did not see this interview. I do not know what he meant. I think it might be good to ask that question to him. 

As you just asked there is provision in party statute to run through the rotational basis. But the coordinator was not picked on consensus. What is your view about it ?

It is clear that the party must run on the basis of rotational basis according to the statute. When the RJP-Nepal was formed by uniting six Madheshi parties, such provision was adopted in consensus among six top leaders. It was also agreed to hand over the leadership after two months. The rotational system means all six presidium members to run the party turn by turn. As Thakur was unwilling to hand over the leadership, the party meeting chosen Rajendra Mahato as new coordinator in consensus.  

The statement released by the party after the meeting was also disputed. What you say about it ? 

The signature in the press statement was Thakur. He also signed the press release. If not, he could say the signature was not him. So I think there is no dispute on the press statement and it was also not fake. As far as paper is concerned, sometimes due to technical problems, it also happens. Even I was not present in the meeting, I did not know what the technical problem was.

RJP-Nepal is the third largest party. What kind of image of the party can be reached at the national level when the party could not release a clear statement ?

I do not think this is a big issue. I do not know what problem there was because I repeatedly saying I was not present. We seek solutions to the problem, but I did not know what the problem there was. 

Why it was necessary to change the coordinator just before the general convention ?

Mahantha Thakur was picked coordinator after unification of six Madheshi parties because he was most senior leader. It was believed that he will hand over the leadership to Mahato after two months. But Thakur was not interested to give charge to others. 

The party was also scarped the decision take by Thakur, why?

It was still to discuss why the earlier decisions of party were cancelled. This issue should be discussed in the central committee and political committee. Unless these meetings are held, we cannot give concrete answer. 

In your opinion, the change of coordinator is usual ?

Definitely, the decision was taken according to party's spirit and statute. Even, Thakur also accepted this decision. So I do not think there is dispute in the party due to change of leadership. If there is some dispute, the party could settle them.

But what kind of message should go to people when some party's members expressed dissatisfaction against Mahato ? 

The leaders and cadres have freedom to speak. They could put forth their views but only at appropriate place. But I do not comment on others' statement. 

Due to change of the coordinator, it should not affect the time general convention of party ?

The general convention will be held on its stipulated time.

How do you think about the nomenclature of the State 2?

We always keep in our minds of Madesh movement while putting name of State 2. The state government has formed a commission and we hope it will come with concrete decision.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Aditya Nath Yogi is arriving Janakpur on the occasion of Vivah Panchami. What the preparation the state government is doing ?

The state government is making preparations to welcome Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister. The state government is actively going for security management and others. Even State 2 Chief Minister is also engaged for grand preparations of Vibah Panchami.

But Yogi's visit seems disputed ? 

I want to clear that Yogi's Janakpur visit is religious. This is not his political visit. So it is also not good to connect with the politics.



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