Separate party needed for indigenous, nationalities : R.K. Khambu

National President, Khambuwan National Front


What is the identity-based federal alliance doing now?

With the formation of the Constituent Assembly, we had formed a federal alliance based on identity. This is a continuation of that. It includes Limbuwan, Khambuwan, Tamangsaling, Tharuhat, Newa, Khasang, Magarat and others. After the promulgation of the constitution, the rights of the indigenous, nationalities, Madhes, Tharu, Dalit and others were not ensured, so we are again preparing for the movement. We have decided to celebrate the incident that took place in Tikapur during the then movement as Adivasi Mukti Divas. MP Ramesh Lal Chaudhary has been kept in jail for the Tikapur incident. We have demanded the immediate release of MP Reshmalal Chaudhary. Our aim is to liberate the oppressed indigenous, nationalities, Madhesi, Dalit, backward class and marginalized people in this country for centuries.

World Indigenous Day is also celebrated, what do you say on the occasion of this day?

This is the main reason why Indigenous Day is celebrated in the world. The indigenous had to be repressed by outsiders. They were not given any rights. When this was realized after the Second World War, then the rights of the indigenous should also be ensured, they too should be able to live as human beings. World Indigenous Day is being celebrated in such a way that their language, script, rites, culture, and centuries-old customary laws should be recognized as international law. That is why we are so important to the tribals. All the tribals of the world should be one. I would like to request the indigenous, nationalities, Madhesi, Tharu and Dalit to unite and unleash a new vigor today.

Why did the indigenous become oppressed and repressed?

Indigenous peoples from all over the world are associated with the soil. He has developed his own kind of religion, rites, culture, and customs and is very straightforward. He does not want to hurt anyone, he is honest. When any cunning people come from outside, they take advantage of the straightforwardness of the indigenous, nationalities tribes and take away all the political, economic and cultural rights of the indigenous, nationalities and make them third class citizens. The main reason for this is the issue of political consciousness. Everything comes from politics, policy making. After taking over politics, it is becoming easier to enslave people. We have seen the same in the case of Nepal. In 1831, when the eastern Khambuwan and Limbuwan were wiped out. Making the pillars there second class citizens means that he has nothing to lose from his state power. Nor did he have a decisive presence in the policy-making space at Singha Durbar. Therefore, the main reason for the backwardness of the indigenous, nationalities is the lack of political consciousness. This is going on continuously in Nepal. Against this, we will now get our political rights only if we unite and form a political party and bring a majority in Singha Durbar from Mechi to Mahakali. We get cultural, linguistic, economic and other rights only if we get political rights. Due to these reasons, the world has been enslaved by the nomadic and nomadic races.

In recent times, the indigenous, nationalities community has also reached the place of policy making. Even the big political parties have an influential role to play. Why are they not able to do anything?

In a multi-party system, there is always a majority rule. When we were in the Constituent Assembly, the then Congress and UML had a two-thirds majority. We fought for rights, the people did not vote for us even though we established rights in the constitution. In a democracy, decisions are made by a majority, while in the second constitution, when the status quoists had a two-thirds majority, the constitution could not come as we said. As Madhes, indigenous, nationalities and Tharu have formed a 30-party alliance, it seems that some rights have come in part. If we had not agitated, our rights in the constitution would not have come so much. Another thing is that even in the big parties, there are influential leaders from the indigenous, nationalities, even there, whose leadership applies his policy. The present Congress and the NCP leadership are the same oppressive castes of yesterday. He does not want to hear about race. He thinks that Madhesi means foreigners or Indians. Indigenous peoples are our slaves, they are full of the mentality that they should continue to serve us. Within such a party, no matter what the leaders of the indigenous, nationalities community are, they cannot do anything. They are just a bag inside the party. Therefore, let’s not think that the indigenous, nationalities have reached the policy-making level within those parties. Unless one can play a decisive role in the policy-making process within Singha Durbar, the indigenous, nationalities and Madhesi will not get any rights. Therefore, now Madhes, indigenous, nationalities, Tharu, Dalit and others should form a single party.

What is your opinion about your cooperation with the Janata Samajwadi Party Nepal, which is now being formed with the alternative power building campaign for all the exploited, oppressed and downtrodden people of Nepal?

This is something that indigenous, nationalities, Madhesi and Tharu have to think about now. We, the identity-based federal alliance, now have no choice but to unite all the indigenous tribes, Madhesis, Tharus, Dalits and other exploited and victims in Nepal. Policies and programs are key for us to be one. At present, the policy and program of the Janata Samajwadi Party is a question of liberation. We are having an internal debate. By the next election, at least the leaders of the JSP and the identity-based federal alliance must come together. If we keep playing our own drums without coming to a place, they will not bite us like monkeys. From Mechi to Mahakali, from Madhes to the hills, the oppressed must now come together. We are now barred from entering Singha Durbar, we had to break it down. The policy-making chair was seized. Let its JSP and our allies also realize that we must come together now. In the coming election, all the oppressed including Madhes, indigenous, nationalities, Tharu and Dalit should be able to fight from the same symbol.

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