State govt to provide ventilator in Corona Hospital: Manoj Chaudhary


What is a Home Isolation Campaign?

Cloth Bank Dhanusha has launched a Home Isolation Campaign for free home-based oxygen cylinder management and other medical consultations for the poor and the extremely poor who are infected with the Corona Virus (Covid-19) epidemic in Province 2.

The program is being conducted under the supervision of the Chief of District Administration Office, Dhanusha. The beds for corona patients in Janakpur’s provincial hospital or various private hospitals are being filled, and corona is entering at the community level. Beds will not be available in Janakpur hospitals after a few days. After that, this campaign was started with the objective of not killing anyone due to lack of treatment. We provide various facilities in Home Isolation to those who are recommended by the District Administration Office, District Police Office and Ward to stay in Home Isolation.

So far we have 51 specialist doctors and doctors from India. We will also provide free medical advice through these doctors. At that time, if we need oxygen, we provide it immediately. So far we have 40-50 cylinders in preparation.

How many people are still in the home isolation of Cloth Bank Dhanusha?

There are about 15-17 people in our home isolation so far. Our team of doctors is treating and advising them well. Similarly, Cloth Bank Dhanusha is also providing necessary clothes to the poor and extremely needy people. We will also provide ventilators and mini ventilators in the near future. The disaster management committee has decided to give 20 beds to the provincial hospital and 50 quarantines to Ganguly. If we get that bed, we have a plan to install oxygen and monitor in it.

How are you providing health and medical goods?

There is no charge for doctors attached to us. They are voluntarily helping us with a sense of humanitarian service. They have promised to help us. They have also increased our enthusiasm by promising to provide oxygen cylinders.

Why do you have to come forward now that there is a three-tier government in the country?

Everyone knows the attitude of governments. More than five months have passed since the outbreak of Covid in Nepal, but no concrete steps have been taken. Considering the rapidly growing corona in the country now, if we wait for the government to do something, many people will be infected and die. So we came forward. We still want to urge the three levels of government to give up the development budget, there is no development now, save the people. Work with the manpower, resources and money you have for health care, including corona prevention. If they do not do this, a terrible situation will arise tomorrow.

So now the people do not get to experience the government?

The government’s presence has not been seen in the midst of the Corona epidemic. The state government is staring at the federal government. The state government also has some authority and budget to use. The state government should make the people of the state feel its presence. The Chief Minister should have a major role in this.

What is the role of the state government in controlling and preventing covid?

The role of the state government in the prevention and control of COVID-19 is not satisfactory. The people have not experienced the state government. The death toll from the corona is expected to rise in the coming days. There is a lack of ventilators in the state, in which case there is a possibility of more deaths. Therefore, I urge the state government to play a major role.

Do you see any response from the state government to your campaign?

We have to do what the state government should do now. If the state government had been active in such activities, we would have moved on to other activities. However, as the state government was not active, we had to come forward and run this campaign. I request the state government to provide at least ventilator and mini ventilator in Corona Hospital. If this is not done, the state government will be criticized after Corona.

What is the condition of the hospitals under the state government?

The provincial hospital of Province 2 is in a sealed condition. The nursing campus where the isolation was made is also sealed. The provincial hospital does not even have the beds or space required for covid. As a result, patients with other diseases are affected. The problem with hospitals across the country is that if you have a fever or a cold, they will not admit you. The hospital tells you to come for a covid test first. Physicians are also at risk. I request the local, state and federal governments to be serious in these matters. At least four hundred and five hundred beds should be prepared in the provincial hospital and ventilator and mini ventilator should be provided.

What do you want to suggest to the governments in such a dire situation?

We would like to call on all three levels of government to come and we are your allies. We are ready to fight this epidemic hand in hand with you. We have doctors, oxygen cylinders, young people are ready to move forward with you by becoming a corona volunteer. If this is done, we will surely play an important role in preventing this corona epidemic.

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