The people of border region should understand the perception : Rajeev Jha

Coordinator, Nepal-India Border Dialogue Group


What is the purpose of the Nepal-India border Dialogue Group you have formed?

Now the issue of wire fencing is being raised to manage open borders of Nepal-India. Border management has been brought forward without discussions with the people living near the border. We have created this dialogue group to communicate about whether such a type of management is appropriate for the people there or not. The EPG has prepared a report to present both of the governments. There is no doubt about the intention of EPG members. The person who is affected is also required to understand the condition of them. When deciding to arrange the border, it is necessary to understand the perception of the people of that area. It seems that the latest issue of blocking and pressure on Madesh has been brought forward with the issue of the transmission of a wire in India.


The EPG's report has not yet come out that what is included in the issue of the matter. And how do you say that the identity card is applying at the border?


The participants involved in the EPG have prepared a report for the Prime Minister of both countries. It is making news based on various media. Based on this, we have raised this issue. If it is not mentioned in the report that such arrangement should be made, then it is good. But if the border is to be administered, security forces of two countries are also required to be honest. The fact is that criminals of Nepal and India come each countries and hide are not new. Such arrangements will be reduced if the border of polices will be honest. Now there is a gold case in the country but it is not due to the open border of Nepal and India. There is a lot of conflict in Kashmir between Pakistan and India, but there is no open border.  Thus, closing the border does not mean crime is controlled.


What problems do you see in the Nepal-India border?


The land of farmers of Nepal is also in India and the farmers of India have land in Nepal. There is a limit on political basis between Nepal and India. It seems that due to political reasons such a border is kept. Still there is no easy access at the border to travel India and Nepal. Our organization will try to go to the house of people in both the borders of Nepal and India and to understand what they want. The aim of this organization is to understand the feelings of the people of the border and move towards the solution.


From time to time the issue of border disputes has also risen. How is your organization studying about that?


The news has came encroachment of the border repeatedly. Over 75 percent of the country's army has been deployed in the border. Monitoring the boundaries is their work. If anybody is bound to meet the limits, the concerned body should take action.


What does your study says, actually India has to encroach the borders of Nepal?

Such problems have not come to our organization. My home is in the border area. Some people of our village also have land in Nepal and India. Since this establishment, I have not seen such incidents. If there is such a problem, security forces, political activists and two countries should resolve the border problem in mutual understanding.


How has it seen the fluctuations in relation between Nepal and India?

Members of EPG are scholars, but they are not a boarder's expert. They have not seen the pain of the people of the border. They are not related to Madhes and Bihar but with Kathmandu and Delhi. We have relations with Janiki and Ayodhya, not only with Roti-Beti but with Pashupatinath and Kashi and Vishwanath. Since ancient time, there has been a historical relationship between Nepal and India. Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Muktinath and Janakpur. Due to that reason, the number of tourists in this region has increased significantly. If the number of tourists is starved at the border of Nepal-India, the number of tourists will decrease and other various problems will come.


The EPG has prepared a report. Can not report the feelings of the people of the border sector?


The people of same area should be included to accommodate the region's spirit. People in the border area had to be advised. How much they have gone madness and understand the pain here. They go straight from Delhi to Kathmandu and Kathmandu from Delhi. The limit of this problem cannot be understood. To understand the problem, there is a need for people coming Patna from Janakpur, from Jogbani to Biratnagar, Birgunj from Raxul and Gorakhpur from Bhairahawa, who can understand the problem of the border.


Is it a group of enlightenment people in the field of border inspection and study?


Studying and inspection and living there is a difference. We bore there. I do not know the pain of the Nepal-Indian border as much as I know.


So far, there is only a doubt that there will be wire fencing, applying an identity card, especially how to make the border arrangements?


The border is managed well. Two border police personnel have been deployed in the border. They should be honest and should be trained to work devoted to the country and the people.


What does the Nepal-India Border Dialogue Group work?


We have to use the discussion and the conclusion of the conclusion comes through the media through the public. When we communicate, the reports will be prepared by making suggestions on the experts from various fields based on the issues and to the governments of both countries.


What kind of influence does your relationship with the two countries affect the relationship between the two countries?

The relationship between the two countries is still good. The relationship between the two countries is still good. It is our desire to be good later, to be stronger. Our aim is to maintain this relationship. The main objective of our organization is to maintain a strategic, cultural relationship between the two countries.


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