Time to reap benefits of constitution : Kp Sharma Oli

Prime Minister


The constitution has made the Nepali people sovereign. It has given its explanation, implementation process and its system in detail. The constitution has regarded the people as the source of sovereign power and its focal point.

We have admitted about 300,000 children to schools through especial enrolment campaign this year. We will run such campaign next year as well and ensure their continuation. This is a right to education guaranteed by the constitution. Our constitution has policies and procedures for incorporating all diversities of Nepal including geographical, linguistic, cultural and communal. It will ensure national unity.

As implementation of the constitution is on process, a party in government, which had reservations on constitution, has said it will not celebrate the constitution day. What initiative would you take for wider acceptability of the constitution?

There can also be some vested interest groups, infiltrators and some secessionists. The Nepali people themselves isolate and reject them.


We should understand that the province is province, they are not separate states. We have a bicameral parliament in the centre, 753 local governments and 77 district coordination committee (DCC), which means a total of 761 governments, but they are not separate and independent from the centre. They are all organs of the Government of Nepal. The DCCs are also representative organizations of the people, they have their own responsibilities. The provinces will have provincial assemblies and governments, but we do not have infrastructures for their offices. Three years ago, I had planned for it, but some people spent time in the game of pulling down my government.

As for security, our society lives with high values and ideals. We have Tharu community in Nepal, which has a family with more than hundred members, sharing the same kitchen. We cannot imagine such tolerance elsewhere in the world. Attempts are being made to weaken this. The decline of moral values has been transformed into social crimes. Animals do not cheat or conspire. However, when consciousness is used differently, it amounts to crime. At present moral values and norms are violated, in which we should all be careful.

How would you move ahead to make the implementation of constitution and concept of prosperity successful?

Why did we coin the slogan 'Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepali?' It is based on the adage of our ancestors - Sarve bhavantu sukhinaḥ Sarve santu nirāmayāḥ (May all be prosperous and happy, May all be free from illness). Happiness comes from prosperity, but not from this alone. We cannot sleep when there is terror, fear and insult. Prosperity only is not sufficient for a man to be happy.


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