Why should Congress raise voice for amendment ? : Amresh Kumar Singh

Member of Parliament, Nepali Congress


What is the event in your constituency Sarlahi-4?

The Maoist activity that was done in the past has not yet gone. After coming to power, they have become fierce. Four days ago, Rambilas Mahato, an NC worker, was shot dead in a clash with the cadres of the ruling NCP while several NC cadres were injured with gunshot wounds.

Last Monday, Ramnaresh Mahato, ward chief of Ramnagar Rural Municipality-4 was brutally attacked apparently by the cadres of the NCP on his way to office. And on the next day, his uncle Rambilas was shot dead at his home and seven NC cadres were injured allegedly by NCP cadres who were said to be settling old scores.

Ward chief Ramnaresh and seven injured cadres are undergoing treatment in District Hospital, Malangawa. Nepali Congress has taken this incident seriously. Our party President Sher Bahadur Deuba, is in the discussion on this matter. We demanded that the deceased be declared martyr, injured provided free treatment, family of the deceased provided relief and the attackers be punished.

The ball is in the court of the government, how the government is presented, the Congress promotes its program accordingly.

What was the reason for such an incident ?

This area of Saralahi is sensitive because here the forced has always been working to enter the party. But, at this time, most of the Congress won. Here Congress has a strong presence, how there is a strategy to increase its influence, fear and join the Communist Party. The government of two-thirds is for development, for peace and security. However, the NCPleader workers are working in the village a in the beginning of two-thirds, including party workers to beat, threaten them.

 What is preparing for the meeting of mahasamiti in the Nepali Congress?

 Political reports and documents are preparing for the meeting. The country's structure should also be in accordance with the federal structure, when the country has gone into the federal system. The mahasamiti is a place to pass this draft. It is also Congress's big and strong body. In the meeting we would discuss how to forward the party, making party organization in the states in the coming days.

 What do you think to solve the group of factions and internal disputes within the Congress ?

 Let's sure, the Congress to come united in the coming days.

The Congress is a democratic party, a group of factions in the democratic party is natural. Everyone has their perception in the party, which is the decision of the party by discussing it at one place. The kind of controversy was seen in the party on the past will be ended in coming days. The Congress goes strong among the people in the coming days.

 How do you analyze the work of present government ?

The current government looks powerful, but the implementation of the implementation is very weak.

The mathematically, the government is strong but the public should also feel its experience. What does strong government mean? Work should be seen in people's favor. There is a strong government to say, but the country has seen weakening about the development, peace, security and security. Even the government of the majority of two-thirds, there is internal dispute between the prime minister and ministers. Although the UML and Maoist are technically integrated, but there has some dispute between them. That's why there is a problem within the government of the majority of the two-thirds of the present and that party too. Its direct impact is coming to the people's prosperity, good governance and development.

 The NCP and federal government have been objectionable to the State Police Act brought by the government of Province 2, what is your opinion about this ?

It is the central mindset of the central government. The federal system has the right to hold the territory to its police, administration and employees. In our neighboring India, is there any police administration and employee of different states or not? The state government does not have its own security in its own hands, and keep the public security. It has no right to spend development money. In the state 2, where five thousand workers are required, there are only two and two hundred and fifty.

Likewise, the local body should be under the control of the state, but the local level has been kept under the control of the center. The state's rights should not interfere with each other. It is not permissible to give authority to the state. Here is the mindset, if the rights are given to the state, it will be discarded.

 However, how is the State Police Act implemented as Federal Police Act does not come?

If the Federal Police Act takes place 10 years, then the state should stay there? The federal government is a centralized mentality, not to do the 'overtake', but the state is moving forward its own actions and the state does not work.


However, other states have remained silent. Why is the only hurry to the state 2?

In other provinces, there is government of NCP. There is a federal government under the leadership of Communist Party and the state governments are led by the same party. 

Constitution amendment is the only 'propaganda' for the Madhesi parties ? 

The demand for constitution amendment is only a political 'propaganda' for the Madhes-based parties. Why they were not allowed to swear to Parliament of Resham Chaudhary? They are still supporting the government of KP Oli, without oath of Chaudhary. This is the case of where the moral level of the Madhesi party fallen. Just like Madhesi parties make amendments to the constitution we have been supporting, this is just 'propaganda'.

RJP has supported this government and the Forum is in the government, but why they failed to create pressure on the government for constitution amendment.

If the government did not amend, the Parliament has not interrupted a day and not gone to the public. RJP and Forum are saying for amendment of the constitution for the sake of 'face saving'.

Does this government amend the constitution ? 

I do not think this government revises the constitution. Government activity has shown that this government does not want to amend. Agreement was made with Forum but it was limited just in paper. It is only to show that the people have agreed to amend. Forum leaders have just fulfilled their own personal interests.

The Congress was positive about the constitution amendment and it is still supporting the amendment. But, did not the Congress MPs raise their voices in Parliament ? 

Why should we raise the voice? This is the consent between the government and Madhesi parties. We are always ready to stand in favor of the amendment, but the proposal should be brought to the government. Madhesi parties have given vote to KP Oli to bring the proposal and they had not voted us. Therefore, the government should first bring the proposal to amend. Then we're ready to help.

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