Local governments in Dhanusha announce school holiday to avert extreme cold

Local News

Janakpur, January 4: Three local levels in the Dhanusha district have announced a four-day holiday for schools in their area following the increasing cold brought by the cold wave.   

The local governments of Kshireshwornath Municipality, the Nagarain Municipality and the Laxminiya Rural Municipality have given holidays to schools in their area. The holiday will start from today, citing the decreasing attendance of the students in schools due to the cold condition.   

It is said the teaching-learning activities have been affected because of the freezing cold aggravated by the cold wave sweeping the district of late.   

The normal life in the districts of Province 2 has been affected due to the excessive cold. The infants and the elderly have been affected the most.   

The District Health Office Dhanusha said the number of patients suffering from cough and cold, fever, respiratory diseases and pneumonia has increased with the increase in cold weather.   

There is no sunshine and the cold wind has been blowing in the region for the last three days. People have been lighting bonfires to keep themselves warm. The movement of vehicles and people in the rural and urban areas has decreased.   

The number of service-seekers at government offices has also decreased due to the cold. 

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