China interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs”

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Rajbiraj, January 9: Speakers at a program in Saptari have alleged China for interfering in Nepal’s internal affairs.

 Speaking at an interaction program on ‘Leadership and State of Development of Madhes’ organized by the National Hindu Journalists Network at Kathuna in Saptari district, speakers said that China was using Nepali soil to fulfill its vested interest.

 They also alleged China for trying to entice the people of Tarai Madhes in a bid to fulfill its “debt trap” strategy.

 Speaking at the program, Nepali Congress (NC) leader and intellectual Sabur Lal Sahu accused Chinese companies of exploiting Nepali workers by bringing workers from China to Madhes.

 He also lambasted China for bringing Chinese nationals who are sentenced to life imprisonment in China to Nepal as workers.

 Umesh Mishra, the regional chairperson of Nepali Congress (NC) Province-2, accused China of trying to increase contacts with some leaders of Madhesi parties to increase its influence.

 He said that people like Janata Samajwadi Party Chairman Upendra Yadav were also dancing to the tunes of China is Madhes.

 Stating that the Janata Samajwadi Party is trying to escalate the conflict in Madhes, Mishra said, “Leaders of the Janata Samajwadi Party are more focused on how to deal with corruption than development.”

 Participants at the interaction organized by the National Hindu Journalists Network in Rajbiraj.

He claimed that corruption was institutionalized in Madhes due to Madhesi leaders.

 Birendra Sah, a central member of the Loktantirk Socialist Party said that the BRI project of China was a ploy to impose a debt burden on poor nations, including Nepal.

 He accused China of trying to implement the BRI project in Nepal to achieve its goals.

 Sah stressed that the BRI project should not be allowed to be implemented in Nepal.

On the occasion, Rastriya Prajatantra Party District Chairman Umadeshwar Prasad Sah said that it was unfortunate that there was no development in Madhes despite the representation of Madhesi party leaders in the state government.

 He said that the recent activities of those who identify themselves as leaders of Madhes have given priority to destruction over development.

Intellectual Dharmadev Sah said that those who lead politically should also take responsibility for the development and move forward.

 He further added that there is no point in leadership if the leaders do not plan for development and work according to the goals.


Nepali Congress youth leader Arjun Sah accused the Maoist and Madhesi leaders of dividing the society.


He said that the development could not pick up speed as the leaders of the Maoist and Madhesi parties had weakened the social unity by dividing the different sections of the society in order to come to power.


Advocate Hem Narayan Chaudhary said that there was no development in Madhes as people’s representatives went to the local level carrying the party’s flag.


He argued that unless the law is enacted to go to the polls with party tickets at the local level, it will affect the development flowing from the local level.


Local leader Satyajikant Kumar Jha, district president of Hindu Youth Association Dipesh Dev Joshi, president of Maithili Literary Council Satish Kumar Dutt, youth leader of Nepali Congress Jagdish Sah and former president of Nepal Press Union Om Prakash Sah also spoke on the occasion.


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