Ancient Mithila circumambulation march begins

Local News

Janakpurdham, March 3: A 15-day Mithila Madhyama Parikrama, a ritualistic pilgrimage circumambulatory walk in the Mithila region, has begun.

The event, a periodic journey of the central part of the ancient Mithila, kicks off on the first day of bright half of month of Fagun in the Lunar calendar. The religious march began with the lifting of a palanquin from the Mithila Bihari Temple of historic importance based in Mithila Bihari Municipality-8 in Dhanusha, according to temple priest Ram Naresh Das.

From here, the procession will reach Hanumangadhi Temple in Janakpurdham and set out for a journey towards Kalyaneshwor and then to Phulhari, Matihani, Jaleshwor, Madai, Dhrubakunda, Kanchanban, Kshireshwornath (Parbatta), Dhanushadham, Satosahr ( Mithileshwornath), Audhi, Karuna and Bisaul.

The participants will conclude the pilgrimage march by visiting back to Kalyaneshwor. On the Day of Fagu Poornima (Holi festival), the journey will return Janakpurdham and visit the town before concluding. During the procession which is described as a symbol of religious, cultural and mutual goodwill, the devotees walk along a 135-km route. Resting places have been fixed at 15 locations: 13 in Dhanusha and Mahottari and two in India for the comfort of the devotees. The devotees will be offered free food throughout the journey, it is said.

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