Covid impact: Vibahapanchami to be observed only for formality

Local News

Janakpurdham, 13 December: The weeklong wedding ceremony of Vibahapanchami is adversely impacted by the coronavirus pandemic this year.

Sita Ram Vibahpanchami program generally celebrated in Janaki Temple with zeal and enthusiasm organizing weeklong program has been affected by coronavirus pandemic that spread worldwide a year before.

While there are only three days left for the kicking off of the wedding program, the preparation is not worth mentioning. Even the flickering lights have not been installed in the newly designated area in the temple premises.

“In the past, the temple used to be decorated like a bride before the Vibahpanchami started, but this year, due to the pandemic, it will be celebrated only in formalities,” said Mahanta Ram Tapeshwar Das Vaishnav.

Mahanta has taken the responsibility of making arrangements for the ceremony this year.

According to Mahanta Das, on the first day of Vibahpanchami this year, there will be a Janakpur City visit On Tuesday, the second day of the ceremony, there will be Phulbari Lila. Similarly, there will be Dhanush Yagya on Wednesday, Tilak Utsav on Thursday and Matcor on Friday.

The main event of the celebration the Wedding ceremony will take place on Saturday. After the rituals of Ram Kalewa on Sunday, the formal rituals of Vibahpanchami will be completed.

A large number of visitors including sages and other devotees from India used to attend the ceremony every year, but, as the border is close this year, there will be no procession coming from India.


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