Draft committee formed to amend Provincial Assembly rules in

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Janakpurdhan, 15 June: A draft committee has been formed to amend the Provincial Assembly Rules of Province 2. A meeting of the state assembly on Monday formed a draft committee to amend the rules. The members of the committee are Ram Ashish Yadav, Ram Kumar Yadav, Shiv Chandra Chaudhary, Savitri Devi Sah, and Sundar Bahadur Vishwakarma.

According to the Provincial Assembly Secretariat, the committee will manage the jurisdiction as per Articles 193, 194, and 195 of the Constitution of Nepal 2015 A.D., make the rules timely, and make the Provincial Assembly and Secretariat systematic and effective.

In the meeting, Speaker Saroj Kumar Yadav read out a letter received from the Ministry of Finance regarding the revenue and expenditure estimates for the fiscal year 2022/22 A.D.

The state government has requested to make necessary arrangements to prepare the appropriation bill, finance bill, and budget statement along with the estimate of revenue and expenditure and present it in the state assembly on 17 September at 4 pm. Accordingly, the time for presenting the budget has been fixed at 4 o'clock on Tuesday.


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