Girls' education challenges programmes kicks off

Local News

Janakpur, 10 October: In a bid to support Province 2 government's campaign of beti padhau, beti bachau (Educate daughter, protect daughter), a programme on 'girls education challenge' has been launched here with the support of the British Department for International Development.

The programme underscores the elimination of all sorts of discrimination against girls and aims at ending gender inequality in terms of the access to education.

The social and gender specific taboos and discriminatory behaviours that discourage girl children to drop out from school will be identified and wiped out through the campaign. A creative and positive community atmosphere would be made to encourage girl's schooling.

Under the beti padhau, beti bachau campaign, as many as 5,000 girls would be ensured educational insurance, distributed bicycles, discouraged for early marriage, awarded for ideal marriage, and even provided awards. How they can be physically safe and secure would be equally important component of the campaign.

At a programme organized to launch the campaign, Chief Minister Lal Babu Raut said entire society would be made aware to create atmosphere favourable for women's safety and empowerment. All girls in the eight districts of the province would get a bicycle.

The government, as he said, was mulling to ensure reservation to women in each government body.

On the occasion, British Ambassador to Nepal, Richard Morris, hoped that the campaign would be useful to end the unequal treatment to women and girls and help guarantee girls children's access to education.

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