Ishanath Municipality obstructs distribution of health materials

Local News

Rautahat, 31 May: Ishanath Municipality obstructed the distribution of health materials to the COVID-affected community in Rautahat.

Social campaigner Anju Jha told a press meet organised in the hall of Federation of Nepali Journalists Rautahat Chapter today that the municipality had protested the distribution of face masks and hand sanitisers, among other health materials, to protect people against coronavirus in rural areas.

She called the municipality's attitude inhuman and shameful. Jha said it was actually the municipality's responsibility to distribute health materials to the poor and helpless in this time of the COVID pandemic.

"But the municipality objected when I personally distributed the health materials to the poor and helpless people in the rural areas of the municipality."

Jha complained that the Ishanath Municipality Mayor Santosh Meheta and his younger brother Mohan Meheta were envious of her social work.Jha has been running a non-government organisation Mandabi with the permission of the local government.

She has been working among the people in the locality for the past two years. She complained that the Meheta duo had not supported her work in the municipality. "They are afraid that I will fight against them in the upcoming elections," she said.

According to Jha, the municipality had misused its letter pad and sent letter to the district administration office, social welfare council, and donor agencies saying that Mandabi did not coordinate with the municipality."I was compelled to organise this press meet as different cases were filed against me while helping to the people."Jha said the municipality did not permit Mandabi to investigate the development budget and hid the information."Why is the municipality afraid of a woman?" she questioned.She clarified that she had held the press meet to inform about the reality.


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