Locals protest crusher plant for damaging crops

Local News

Bara, 1 June: Farmers in Kalaiya sub-metropolis, Bara, today picketed a local crusher plant accusing it of damaging their crops and farmlands. Irate farmers marched to the local Jayamatadi Crusher Industry of Kalaiya sub-metropolis-24 and picketed it in protest, stating that the discharge from the industry had damaged their farmland and crops.

"The slush coming out of the plant and the sand have not only damaged our farmlands and crops but also buried a water channel used for irrigation," said farmer Premlal Yadav, adding that the industrial discharge had damaged fields as far as 3-km away from the plant.

Another local farmer Suresh Paswan said they had to agitate as their frequent requests to the industry management and the authorities had fallen on deaf ears.

"It is high-handedness of the plant owner to run the plant affecting others for such a long time. We had to do something to stop it," Paswan said. Meanwhile, Ward 24 Chairperson Kalaiya sub-metropolis Harilal Chaudhary informed that an agreement had been reached between the industry management and agitating farmers.

"As per the agreement, the crusher plant shall halt its operation until it makes alternative provisions for managing its slushy discharge and the sand coming out of it," Chaudhary said.


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